Yang VS hugo

when a seasoned hugo player VS an intermidate yang …

O U C H !

yang loses 1/4 of his life getting hit by hugo’s AIR fierce …

i never expect that hugo could kick yang’s ass after all .

SAIII does a good job of pinning fatass Hugo down.

yeah ! i never knew that …
anyway Hugo could get meter pretty fast , by poking far c.forward ! it gain about 1.6 ! O_O

anyway , Raishin mahaken to hugo …is A NO NO , a waste … ONLY does 40% of hugo’s lifebar

lots of ways to keep a hugo out… and then put pressure on!

a lot of it has to do with figuring out hi-lo games first and what the opposing hugo likes to do… then looking at what super he’s got and making decisions from that
s.hp does work in a jiffy as a zoner, but don’t use it too often
mixup games with j.hp, j.mk (obvious reasons in terms of range/mixup)… naturally, have to be smart about it, but naturally with hugo’s height it works handily
corner palm strike games are GREAT here… i have caught people with the very tail-end of the palm strike on many occasion, or fake it if they like to tech a lot
i personally think it’s more worth it to have meter (SA2) over constant low-meter pressure… the EX lets me apply constant pressure instead of me worrying about not having meter to do any real damage

the important thing to remember is that you have to keep a distance between yourself and hugo… little ticks here and there are arguably more important here than in a match with most anyone else.

Be safe.

I use the speed advantage over Hugo as well. Teleporting may not always be the safest way to go since your still able to be smacked, but pulled off right you could take em by suprise. Or I could be wrong and you get slammed :stuck_out_tongue:

I also agree with Kaistar with the palm striking, stun damage is always a nice perk too.

Hugo’s throw scares the shit outa me. Attempting to start a offense with jumping dive kicks seems to be so freakishly risky versus him.

I not experienced versus Hugo’s, but damn. He even seems to outpriorities Yang.

I turtle w/ it most of the time…

and also 5-7 frames would be safe against him…

fierce kick would also do the job,connecting jab slash can
make a difference…:lame: