Yang's Dive Kick in 2012



I’m really new to yang and understand his basic play and style. The one thing I am at a loss at is how safe and how combo-able his dive kick actually is. Is it viable in 2012 really? I tend to get hit out of it quite abit and I was wondering if any vets could give me the run down of where on the body is safe after the nerfs in 2012 and how it has changed?

Also, is it possible to cross up with his dive kicks? I know that his medium kick no longer does. Thanks guys, again I’m very new to Yang.


It’s still really viable but you need to space it correctly for it to work. I think HNIC Mike posted the picture with the frame data of it in the general discussion thread. His HK divekick is a really good option if your opponent likes to do sweeps or low forwards so it’s a good footsie tool. It’s not really a Rufus style divekick where you can do it all the time and pressure that way.

With correct spacing it is safe on block and will leave you with quite big frame advantage to combo from. Sure it rarely will leave you with enough advantage to combo a cl.MK for example but even a cl. MP is easily comboable with correct spacing. If you think you’ve hit the opponent from too high just crouch tech and if it hits it’s a free hit confirm. It’s his safest option because of it’s 3-frame start up, active frames and low hurtbox.

As for it’s uses as a cross up it’s character and set up specific. For example against Guy you could do a cross up MK divekick after a comboed MK Roll kick by delaying a forward jump and doing a divekick.


Thanks for the reply. So he has no readily accessible cross up, I guess i can see why people are so annoyed about losing that then considering the pressure you loss simply because you can’t pester people with cross ups, but at least there are ways even if it is char specific. I’ll practice my dive kicks and see how it goes.

I’ll take a look at the B&B threads too and see if what I’m doing matches up. I don’t really care about his shortcomings too much, I just need to know about them. Even though I’ve played awhile, I’m really not great at this game ha


Sometimes against shotos, I know I space it right, but I’ll still get DPed.


i dont’ think there’s a safe dive kick on block against 3 frame reversals so DP is free…


Yeah I’m pretty sure you just have to make sure you have a clear path and that you condition the other player to think it’s not coming. I’ve put a few hours in today testing in training and online and it’s been pretty fun. He’s a lot harder work than other characters and I’m kinda missing not being able to cross up but I really like playing with him.

FADC-ing mantis strikes into cl.mk and ultras still need work though. As long as you don’t use the dive kick like julpero said in a Rufus fashion, it is useful, if only to give yourself another option.

One question I do have though is how important is his jump target combo? I use his other one quite abit.


Lots of dive kicks are safe on block against 3f reversals. As the chart says, you basically have to have one blocked by a shoto at face level to be punished with SRK. The jump target combo is one of those things that becomes less valuable as you play higher level games. It often whiffs on crouchers, depending on their hurtbox size, and scales combos worse than j.hp. It’s useful on occasion for OSes, though they’re fairly narrow in application thus far, and it’s good to beat people who try to focus your jump-ins, but all in all it hasn’t proven too important so far at the highest level.


I totally get where you’re coming from. I’ve been trying to use it and like you said its whiffed so many times and gotten me into so much trouble. Using it against focus happy players helps though. I’m not playing at anywhere near a high level but I see your point :slight_smile:

Slightly off topic of dive kicks, since Yang’s cr.lp has such good frames, is that a better combo starter than cr.lk? I see a lot of higher players using that instead and I’m just wondering if there’s an advantage to that. Also, what is the go-to anti air with Yang? A well timed DP? I know with spacing st.mk and st.mp work but they often trade.


His DP almost never trades and everything else he has is very situational. S.mk, s.rh, cl.mk and cr.hp can all anti-air from certain distances, but they’re really character specific and generally have trouble against good jump-in attacks. S.mk and cl.mk are the ones most worth looking at in general though, since s.mk’s hitbox extends well above where it looks to and can potentially hit people who try to bait your DP with empty jumps and cl.mk can net you a free reset or ultra 1.

Cr.lp is one frame slower than cr.lk, and thus loses to the best crouch techs at neutral and trades at +1, but otherwise gives you a lot more opportunities on hit or block. To wit, while cr.lk only really sets you up for a 150ish damage combo or a frame trap that you have to commit to rather early, cr.lp sets you up for a bunch of types of tick throws, potential combos into cl.mk or ultra (or both, if you’re feeling saucy), a frame trap that also combos on hit, several OSes (though also fairly narrow in application, thus far) and just generally lets you transition into s.lp pressure really easy without trading with something stupid. Note that there are 4 characters that essentially require 1f link combos off of cr.lp due to cr.lp, s.lp whiffing on crouch though.


well, that and cr.LP ~ cr.LP/st.LP is a true block string. if you never use chains then people are going to blow through cr.LK, cr.LK hit confirms at some point.


Yeah, that too. Can’t believe I forgot to list that this time. It should be rote by now.


I feel your pain, if there’s one thing I have yet to master it’s the spacing on Yang’s dive kick. I usually go by the rule if aiming for the knees and that generally means a free block string or hit confirm.

If you whiff you’re usually in range for a grab too, so it’s not too unsafe, unless you’re playing against those pesky shotos.


just wanted to share this,but against characters with slow reversals like bison,sakura,rose,balrog,cody,you can do hp hk senkyutai jump straight mk dive kick at the peak,you will still block if they reversal(tested most with ex psycho crusher,ex scissor kick ,ex shooken and all headbutts)…


Good stuff. I’ve been looking for hk. senkyutai set-ups - this will work nicely after a command grab.


Can use air target combo to make opponent block and immediately do EX command grab.


No, because they’re too busy mashing dp. Lol. Everytime I use the air TC the person is mashing. So I just block. But if you train them to stop, then yes, it could be used like this since the block stun isn’t for very long.