Yang's Mantis Slashes question

I figured I’d ask here since it is more of a technical question than anything else.

What is the maximum lentgh of time that Yang has after performing one part of the slashes and still get the seocond or third slash to come out? I mean, I just saw a combo with him doing Palm thrust->Mantis X2->Mantis x2->Tenshin Senkyutai. The timing between the two sets of slashes was very very close. I have tried, but all I get is the third slash. Then I got to thinking about the maximum amount of time allowed between each slash.

anybody have any idea?

Try this on Q first (to get practice). Get Q in the corner. Preform a Byakko Soushouda, then do a Fierce Tourouzan-Jab Tourouzan, then wait for the Jab Tourouzan to end. Fierce Tourouzan-Jab Tourouzan, then wait for the Jab Tourouzan to end. Then Tenshin-Senkyutai.

do the same sequence (fp.slash, lp.slash) also apply to do the s.mk, mantisx2, fp reset (in corner)?

rough estimates are 1.2 seconds between the first and second, third is about 1.4.

the combo your speaking of is from the RX combo vid right? the sa2 connected on chun after the slashes cause she was hit from behind in stun, otherwise you can only finish with a standing fierce or 3rd slash.

In other words, those combos aren’t useful in a real fight.

Props if you ever even hit with the Byakko Soushouda

i’ve seen those combos in jap matches, but yeah, they are hard to land.

I think I got the timing down for them. I would do Palm Thrust–jab slashx2–fierce slashx2. I’ll try the above method, too.

Yeah, the combo is near impossible to land in combat, but it is fun to try in training mode, though:)

1.2 seconds, you’re fucking kidding me, right Jon? Do you know how long 1.2 seconds is?

i have a watch marv. thats off the top of my head

I’ll bet you fifty bucks that it’s nowhere near as long as 1.2 seconds

i ll bet 51 that your right

you have to forgive john…time moves slower when you’re stoned.

i never bothered checking.

why would time move slower if your stoned? you blink and 2 things happened already, i d be punishing jabs then lol.

God damn can’t you use the common names for specials? Some of us learned to play at arcades and have no way of knowing wtf the specials are called. WTF is a Byakko Soushouda?!

Its Yangs Kobukushi :rofl:

huh? wtf is a kobokushi? use notation ya fuck.

Please call them Rekka Kens.