Yang's Normals

Okay, so been playing Yang pretty heavily recently. Losing a massive amount of matches, watching a ton of match videos of nemo and some other pros. And basically, kind of narrowed down my problems. I really can’t reliably link normals… Typically, I can get it right about 2 or 3 attempts out of 5. I normally try to link cr. jab, cr. jab, cr. mk into Rekkas but sometimes I screw up the last one. I noticed in most match vids Yang players use cr. lk x3 in rekkas, which I cannot understand the timing on that move at all. I can do it reliable like 6 times in a row and then the timing just decides to change… It’s incredibly frustrating and I don’t know why other characters (aka Cody/Ryu) have far easier links. Basically, any ideas for linking together 3x cr. lks or my previous combo more effectively?

It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been using an arcade stick (just started that too) in order to tackle Yang in AE. Honestly, I’m getting stupid quirks and things happening directional wise since I’m so unused to this thing. (360 Pad Zangief was my control of choice in SSF4)

You can plink cr.lk.




Look up a tutorial if you need to know more about plinking.

I actually watched a couple about plinking, still really can’t seem to do it reliably. Does every normal have different speeds at which you need to plink?

No. They all have to be done within 1/60th of a second of eachother.

Still feel like that’s super inhuman or something… Playing on XBL (Which is the pinnacle of what I want to play on, don’t care about tourneys etc) I notice a large majority of players that just mash during strings anyways, so I stop early and punish. Wonder if it’s even worth it to to master these seeing as how I screw up the timing once and eat a meaty SRK.

Mastering plinking? No reason not to. If you fail the plink, you either get lp+lk (which is a crouch tech, which is already better than a raw lk) or lk. Both, assuming you’re decent at timing, would end up being a lk.

But, don’t let online fuck with your timing. I actually don’t play online much anymore because it fucks with my timing. I can’t even land cr.lp, s.lp, cr.mk online consistently.

Unfortunately, there’s no competition in my area let alone state lmao… So online is basically the only way! I dunno, it just seems odd sometimes because every now and than I happen to bump into a Yang that that connects normals pretty religiously. However, I am getting really used to the stick with Yang so I’m seeing a bit more success and every now and than I get a psychic/lucky set of normals to link, so I’m not doing horrendously bad. Is there any tutorial in particular or YouTube video that’s the best at teaching plinking? Found a few things on YouTube, but they’re mostly junk and for different characters.

I agree with you bro. I practice my combos for hours but after playing online for more than 30 minutes, my timing starts to slowly fade. It’s weird. Maybe I just gotta work harder.

I’m gonna call BS on this one. State?

Connecticut, so the only close stuff is New York basically. Quite a drive.

Online isn’t necessarily bad. Offline competition will ALWAYS be better, there’s no question about that, but online will also give you experience as well. Also, I’ve never thought that SSFIV had terrible online connectivity (as long as you keep it under green bars, or 1 under). It seems pretty good to me. But any pro player will tell you otherwise, and they’d probably be right.

I’ll leave this here:

An Addendum to Links

Can’t find the thread on SRK forums anymore.
It was written by me (on a another account), and since that’s a copy+paste version, it’s definitely riddled with grammar mistakes, I guess.

Anyhow, I wrote that with the purpose of killing the whole “1/60th of a second is inhuman” thought.

Hope it helps, somehow.

Connecticut has a scene.

Thanks Theorical for that article. It’s interesting, and I guess I’ll just have to practice a ton to figure out the timing on the links… I still think that being online changes the timing ever so slightly, however, playing online consistently would allow me to establish a different timing… If only training mode had the option to play with that tiny bit of lag 3 green bars offers :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also randomly having trouble with connecting his cl. standing MK after a FADC. Does the power level of the rekka matter when doing that? Also, do you have to do it on the second rekka? I’m noticing most match vids FADC on the second rekka.

Second rekka (fierce) gives the most frame advantage after FADC (highest hitstun).

Cl.standing MK is easy to do after the FADC. It’s a 2-3fl or even easier than that. I plink it but some top players don’t.

In regards to online/offline play… If you spend 4 hours practising timings in training mode, and jump online… you’ll feel like ragequitting. And different people have different lag. You just have to get used to it if you want to play online. There’s no way around it.

That’s the reason behind several top players not playing online, ever. Even Japanese players (who usually have an amazing connection among themselves).

I got the hang of it in training mode at least… Doing it in a match seems random. I dunno, I feel like even the timing of the rekkas is a bit random. Though, I played a ton of Fei in Vanilla 4, I guess Fei is pretty spoiled with his rekka timing. Guess I’ll just have to practice more.

Fei’s Rekka timing is pretty much the same.

You have to options: either get used to timing rekkas based on visual cues (which helps a shit ton online, where a little lag will make you miss the next rekka), or double tap for Rekkas (the way we do for Super Turbo Fei.).

It’s not random, btw, it’s lag.
And don’t practise combos in training mode. Do it with random block in training mode to make sure you have the hit confirms down, but then practise it properly against the computer (at least). Then jump online. And you’ll lose every single match if you focus on combos. People grab a character, practise BnBs, try to use them online and lose. That happens because there’s a shit tone more to the game than combos.

Go to regional matchmaking, click on atlantic north. Connecticut had a thread, and it’s very active. They are mostly south conneticut, but if you live in north conneticut there is a scene in western mass (also has a thread in atlantic north matchmaking)

Thanks, this helped a lot.