Yang's Wake Up Glitch



Setups leading to body facing down and head closer to the opponent
Fuerte : Tortilla/Forward throw
Fei Long : Forward throw
Abel : Forward throw
Guy : bunshin izuna
Zangief : SPD
Rose : Forward throw
Gouken : Forward throw
Dhalsim : Forward throw
Seth : SPD/Forward throw/Ultra 1
Sakura : Forward throw
Cammy : Forward throw
Claw : Forward Throw/Flying Barcelone
Yang : Ultra 2

Setups leading to body facing down and head further from the opponent
Gen : Backthrow
Juri : Backthrow
Chun Li : Backthrow
Viper : Backthrow
List will be completed .

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Niiiiiiiceee…but all this means is people will learn not to attempt these things on your wakeup.


Abelity’s data here says that on those face down knockdowns yang has 18 frames of invincibility, might help you calculate some stuff.

@Wasted, thats exactly what you want. Now your opponent is scared to mix you up.


That’s the point of the thread and Alioune’s post.

I’m interested to see what is affected for Blanka.


Scared? Why would they be scared? Many of these characters still have moves that can touch the back of Yang’s hit box. Even if they don’t, they can just do nothing, at no detriment to themselves.

It reduces their options, true, which is still great. I don’t forsee many people being too afraid of this though. Those people whose immediate mixups are neutralised will just delay their decision, which is more or less a reset of the situation anyway. Yang has gotten up, waited for something to pass through him, but the opponent did nothing. At that point, it’s another raw guessing game, of which they can OS some of Yang’s available options. If the opponent does nothing, they can OS your upkicks, jumps or backdashes, if you pick EX teleport or try a command grab you can blow right through it.

I must be missing something here. It seems awesome to have, but I don’t see how it’s to Yang’s advantage.


This seems quite good against zangief. Maybe Yang will end up the better twin after all.


18F invi means that he can delay his wakeup up to 18frames later if theres no lever/button input, the moment the yang presses a button/direction, the invi will be gone… pretty nasty if its true ( i said if, because i havent tested it personally myself)


@Wil Blanka’s only attack that leaves characters in a facedown knockdown is focus with no followup.

Yeah if you read the link in Alioune’s post he says you need to not hit a direction/button to get the “invincibility”, didn’t know what else to call it. I remembered you posting that, and i was thinking about how Gen has a similar, though not as useful wakeup.


Thanks Veserius!


Oh thanks for the translation , btw do u have Yang’s dashes / and fadc frame datas ?


ive done dashes data translation too, heres the link (its incomplete though)

oh and the fa lvl 1 , 2 means that after a blocked lvl 1 or 2 fa dash cancel

again, my source is the ae guide, which is known to have errors so maybe you wanna double check the data etc in training mode


Ok thanks ,adding Abel to the list (forward throw )


maybe scared was the wrong word, hesitant might have been better. If you forget this little piece of info(or didn’t know it), and your safejump whiffs and you get punished, it would be a little disconcerting.

the thing is that 17 frames gives you lots of leeway in regards to when to do things.

I’ve only used it once vs. gief and I got a punish, that seems to be to my advantage.


It forces a guessing game on Yang’s wake-up.

Say Rose lands forward throw on you, she can attempt to play against your normal wake-up, or she can try to attack your “delayed” wake-up. She has to make a decision here. If she chooses to attack your normal wake-up with Cl. MK, you can see that, and just Jab the recovery. The beautiful part about this (as I understand it… I haven’t tested it), is that Yang can end this state whenever he feels like it. So even if Rose tries to just Jab you, so she can recover before your 18 frames, you can just cut it early, and whiff punish her JAB (normally an unrealistic option, but with this, it seems pretty realistic).

Option Selecting Yang’s wake-up here is suicide. It’s a huge guess and a gamble, because Yang totally controls the timing here.

To go back to Rose, let’s say she does Low Jab-> OS EX Spiral or something. That’s not a very effective OS. There are ways she can lose here.

  1. I whiff punish the Jab, before it even ends.
  2. I wake-up with a delayed Stand Strong or something, Counter Hit the Spiral, Link Low Forward… hurt her
  3. I utilize the full invincibility here, then block… Rose is point blank at -6.

She can vary the timing on this, but any OS done without confirmable, precise timing, is just gonna get you killed, more often than not.

Smart players will have to pause here, or just choose to not pressure after these particular knockdowns at all. Either one is great for Yang. Smarter players will probably choose to stop doing moves that lead to these knockdowns, in general. This could have a great effect on the yomi in certain matches, against high caliber players.


What are the chances Yang actually keeps this?


Pretty high. SF4 hasn’t patched (to my knowledge); with there being “glitches” in SSF4 like Cammy’s “unblockable”, I can see this staying in the game.


the championship mode patch in vanilla had a few fixes, as did the tournament mode dlc for super.


It’ll likely get patched. Capcom patched a similar glitch that Ibuki had in SSF4.


I found that glitch , but this is not the same situation there , Capcom wont tune any further console AE because , arcade and console will stay identical . Unless they do it for the arcade too , which is unlikely.