Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dead at 80

I’ve seen plenty of tributes to him but someone posted this YouTube video:


I don’t think the above YouTube video link works! Does it work for anyone else? :wtf:

Ouch. shoulda laid off that fancy mustard. I don’t care how good it was, putting it on a shoe doesn’t make it edible.



He was hated/loved by all of us Yankee fans. If there is one thing no one can say bad about him is that he did what he could to always produce a winner.

RIP You wonderful asshole.

I like it when he is screaming at Billy Martin before he rehires him. People have forgotten how he was suspended for 3 years in MLB for his crazy antics towards the coaches, but after he came back in 1993, he was a changed man and actually let people do their jobs and look how many championships the Yankees have won since then.

Its just strange to me how people have forgotten how terrible the Yankees were in the 1980s thanks to Steinbrenner.

He was suspended WAY more times too. How about his awesome policy of giving bonuses to his staff, then demanding they donate them to Richard Nixon’s campaign???

cuz after that he realized he could just pay the shit out of players, pay off the luxury tax, and not many other teams could keep up with that.

To me the guy kind of ruined baseball. When he offered the contract to Catfish Hunter, baseball went from a sport to a business. Today crazy free agent signings are part of every sport, but it lal started here. At the same time, I give him credit for making the Yankees a billion dollar brand name. Love him or hate him, he was the best owner of all time.

RIP Big Stein

He didn’t make the rules up, though. Consider that.

Posted already over in the MLB thread, but since this has it’s own thread now Bob Sheppard, long time Yankees PA announcer died a few days before him. Jeter still uses a recording of his voice before each at bat in the new stadium.