Yao and Chuck are the NBA authorities on videogames!

Yao and Chuck are the NBA authorities on videogames!

ROCKETS VIDEO: Who’s Who with Yao and Chuck

Impressive! Most Impressive.

Sorry to stereotype but yao’s asian. Enough said.

Seriously though, I’m surprised yao is big on video games. China puts a heavy stigma on video games. Or at least the government does. From what I read, chinese citizens cannot own a home console, but there are certain ways to circumvent this.

if true, that’s the saddest thing i’ve ever heard (well almost) (okay, saddest VG related thing)

lol @ Yao remember the Contra code. Haha. His descriptions are pretty great.

That’s not Zelda, that’s Link.

#1 Fuck Yao’s tall ass for not knowing Tetris. Fuck you :china: I can semi understand Zelda, but not Tetris!
#2 Mother fuck you about reminding me of the Sonics.
#3 Worst description of Halo ever.
#4 What the fuck chuck. Godzilla is not no monkey!
#5 how the fuck you know contra so well and suck ass at all the other old school game?

P.S we have a NBA thread.

^Yao’s clues on Sonic was colllllld-blooooded. You could tell how much Yao loved Contra, rofl…

“We used to have a team in Seattle”


^ lol, Yao is so on point with so many clues

Yao did a great job very funny Chuck did really good also. Very funny thank you for starting my day with a few laughs. Yao know his games I knew he was going to get Warcraft easy since he known for that. Remembering the Konami code and saying Contra was his first game played is priceless.