Yasakani Background Shoppe

Well I thought this would be a good idea to start out the summer since I have been working on my personal backgrounds for my myspace and other sites I have my profile. So far I give show you a sample of my old work (which isn’t that old) still… Without further do… Please comment… Thank you.







Wait there’s more…







If you want me to work on a background for you just PM me in the details. Do not post on here for your request. Only comments of the work I display.

Not to be harsh or anything, but these need a lot of work to look good. The best one is that “Celderon” blue one.

Stay off the bevel and emboss, kids.


and u need to learn sigs b4 u do big arts like bg’z

:china:Thanks for you advice. It’s no problem, it’s better off saying it than not saying it at all… It’s all about developing skills right? That’s what I’m doing, and seeking everyone’s ideas of the work I did.

Just havta work harder than before. Also thanks for pointing out one of the pieces. Since no one ever explains clearly then i have to look through what they mean.:bluu:

Well I love to work on difficult things so when it comes down to work like this and competition in fighting games. I find it fun and interesting.

Again, I thank you guys for you assistance.

Damn you for being so polite and making me feel bad!


I really like this piece, but the text isn’t good. You should try matching the text with the pic, so that it blends in yet isn’t hard to read.

If you created the yin yan one from scratch then that is ace, bit of work you could sell that as a logo to some chinese related buisness.

Bevel is a great effect but its easy to go over the top. Whenever I use bevel its for fonts, and only at 1px.

Abuse drop shadows! :tup:

Well, not always, but they sure do look nice on some of the stuff I tinker with.

ahh i see but i said that because u can learn so much from makin sigs like text, blending, lightin and all sorts of stuff

:slight_smile: It’s just being me… I have my other times when a vein pops out now and then.

Yeah that was one of a few that I made from scratch along with the moon background, red dragon moon, and the aqua dragon. The moon I fixed out myself but the dragon is not me… Believe me on that. Otherwise that part I never knew it would be good to use. During the time I was at a place that their computers were limited hmmm let’s say… 100% (damn those bastards). ahem Anyways since my college has photo shop and a scanner there are some background drawings I have to that I want to work on spicing it with some color too. I did think about selling some of my work and I was advise about that too by a famous chinese artist name Faxiang. My professor ask him to come to the school and even though his english was no good I try myself to speak chinese (since I studied mandarin last semester and even though it’s still not good.). In the end I know what to do with my work. Thanks for mentioning that.

Oh my bad about that. I do have some sigs I made and yeah you’re right about that one it’s a learn and curve when it comes to stuff like that. I may start scanning my drawings tomorrow and work on them. I’ll post up my sigs later on probably when I bring my drawings to school after hunting for work.

looks around

Damn I didn’t come back to my thread ever since I was busy… Well to save the trouble of the mods thinking that this thread isn’t active. I will be working on my sigs and backgrounds since I have a comp at home. Just have to get Photoshop CS 2 and I’ll be going all out on some art work I would wanna finish that is in my book. For now I’m still around, just been busy and never got the time yet to get what I want at this time. My work is truly been backed up.