Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force-fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure – video

Fucking hell

Obama urged to halt Ramadan force-feeding at Guantánamo

I just finished posting this in the rap thread. So many are calling it fake. But look at that shit.

Mos def just needs to man-up. Its UNDENIABLE!

If that’s fake, give the man a fucking Oscar cos it’s bloody convincing.

that extra crying to add to the drama of it is wack. yeah, thats what goes on there, and things way worse then a tube stuck all up in your face. yet guantanamo bay aint going no fucking where. haha. even obama reneged on that shit (closing da bay), not that his word on that was to be actually taken as any type of truth anyway.

These are the things that America does here and there that makes the rest of the world hate us. Ramadan has been practiced for over a millennium, and all of the prisoners know what they’re getting into. I don’t even understand the point of force feeding them. That’s just more money you have to spend on food, and people to carry out the process. If they do die then that’s one less prisoner to worry about. It’s also interesting that some government officials want to talk about how torture doesn’t work because it only nets false information, but isn’t the alternative diplomacy and cooperation? If the prisoner’s religion (WHICH IS A HUGE MOTIVATING FORCE FOR THEM TO BECOME TERRORISTS IN THE FIRST PLACE) isn’t respected then why would they cooperate?

Additionally I have to wonder if this puts American citizens travelling abroad at risk.

I was wincing almost the entire time.

I had a feedin tube up my nose when I was a kid cuz I caught an infection when my tonsils were removed. I was comatose when they put that shit in, but when they pulled that shit out, prolly one of the most craziest-uncomfortable feelins in my life, next to havein that catheter yanked out.

If niggas wont eat, then that’s what’s gotta happen, although durin Ramadan, inmates should be allowed to practice their religion if what they wanna do aint gon’ allow’em to escape.

wow… props to him. most of the time when celebrity’s are “getting involved” with something like this it’s merely a token gesture where they throw a miniscule fraction of their money into a charity (so they can write it off on their taxes later!) and then que the marching band for how awesome they are… or do a fake ass PR show and nothing.

to put himself through it is rough as hell.

Mos Def is known for keeping it real. I expected no less from the guy.

Yeah… I don’t care how strong my religious convictions might be, I would be begging for a cheeseburger the moment I saw the tube because tubes and the human body have a history of not getting along.

As if the Federal Government gives a fuck.

Patriot ACT, NDAA, all the other shit. Whats a bunch of dead savages from the stone age to the US.

Before people call bullshit: I suffered a broken jaw in my late teens. The NG tube was pretty much the worst thing about it and I wanted the food.

I know i sound dumb, but I think that this is because all of these old niggas from an old generation that call the shots on this fucked up shit. We need a new generation to weed these old motherfuckers out.

NO, its the truth. OLD people in general are as stupid as children, and its a travesty that they run the show. Why would somebody give up their way of thinking, or any extra bonuses they have “earned” so that others will have a chance. Why even bother how one thinks if its “worked” this long. OLD people are on the opposite spectrum of young folks who tend to be way to progressive and are plainly stupid.

Majority of politicians need to be impeached and tried in a court of law where the law actually matters.

Unless you’re wealthy.

If your veins and arteries could speak they’d be saying, “That ungrateful little…”

I’ve never had a tube down my nose, but I have had one up my pee hole, and that was the most uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever experienced, which was only made worse by having my hand held by a hot female nurse.

Don’t you get pedantic with me, jerk face!

I know all too well about the pee hole violation. I would rather wear freakin’ diapers than get another catheter

Too bad for us that those old ppl teach their children the same fucked up values. So no the cycle will not be broken anytime soon.

Gangstalicious / this torture so vicious / Eat IVs for days mmmm delicious

Meh. I worry about the most important things in life. Like why Dios X’s upper body looks like an oil painting… :coffee: