Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force-fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure – video


This isn’t some Dick Gregory style hunger strike. It’s Ramadan.

Why do people care about the well being of terrorists in Guantanamo?

Aren’t little black kids (and of other races as well) growing up in Detroit unable to read? Oh well, Mos Def can waste his time however he wants. I’m still going to call him a dummie.

IMO the worst part about having a tube up your dick is having it removed… I got over the hot nurse dealing with it pretty damn quick given the state i was in, but i was not even remotely close to ready when she started counting down from 5 and pulled it out quick as fuck at 3… like BITCH DON’T PLAY LIKE THAT!

oy! dumbass! pay attention because you don’t know what the fuck your talking about. we have currently something like 120~ prisoners remaining in gitmo, of those prisoner’s 85 have been CLEARED FOR FUCKING RELEASE as in they committed no crimes. Obama himself has been quoted saying that the delay in releasing those detainee’s is for “political reasons”… now what kind of fucked up draconian police state bullshit is that? so… people locked up going on a decade that we KNOW didn’t commit crimes yet we wont send them home? why? because we might be afraid that we turned that person into a terrorist by fucking with them so badly? or just because their home is yemen and we aren’t on “good” terms with that country.

why don’t you just go back under your fucking rock and let people with a brain discuss this situation jackass. /endrant

What a whiny bitch.

Feeding tubes are a standard practice in hospitals all over the world and he’s squiring and wincing like a little drama queen.

He needs to grow a pair of ovaries and see what women go through at the gynecologist. After we strap his legs open in the stirrups and get him nice and intimate with some cold metal tongs he’ll be begging to go back to the feeding tube.

Forced feeding shouldn’t be happening because Gitmo shouldn’t be happening. It only exists because the Bush Administration (and now the Obama Administration) wanted a place they could send prisoners of war and abuse them to their heart’s content without the jurisdiction of either U.S. law (due process) or international law (the Geneva Convention).

How can we argue against the morality of terrorism if we endorse this?

Tough gal over here.

Ironically, the picture is of a woman being force-fed during the Womens’ suffrage movement. Matriarch.

I look forward to your match against Ronda Rousey in the Octagon. Where you will come out to a Slayer song and eat nails ringside, presumably.

If you read my post again you might notice I said nothing about forced feeding, but rather feeding tubes. Orochi Ken

The video posted here is of a guy WANTING someone to put a tube into him, and he’s going crazy because of it. I’m not denying that the tube is probably really uncomfortable, but for him to break down into tears and be unable to go on is a bit over dramatic in my opinion.

Now if you want to get into the ethics of inserting things into bodily orifices against people’s will that’s an entirely different matter.

have you ever had a tube shoved up your nose Matriach? as someone who has had the incredible discomfort of getting tubes placed in various orifices by not-so-gentle doctors I can understand where he’s coming from, your eyes tear up super easy from that discomfort and I did nothing but squirm while trying to grit my teeth and wait for it to be over.

so please spare us about how your gynocologist visits are so terrible.


When I was a kid I passed out at Softball practice and woke up with respirator tubes up my nose in the back of ambulance. I was suffering from dehydration and had overheated with mild heat stroke. It wasn’t pleasant but I wasn’t going crazy about the tubes.

waking up with tubes in and being awake while they put them in are 2 different beasts entirely.

Matriarch lol smh

I’m sure it is, but that’s not what you asked…

I still think this guy is sensationalizing this a bit too much. That’s my opinion. You’re free to disagree with it.

Selfish, there are starving kids in Africa and they choose not to eat.
Those kids would be delighted to be force fed.

how starved is this dude for publicity?

i’ve had a tube stuffed into my nose and down my throat and it was uncomfortable and i imagine that actively fighting the docs trying to do it could be pretty bad…that said, mos def chose to have the tube put in and didn’t need to fight, so it’s “fake” in my eyes.

and as far as gitmo, i’ve never heard of anything going on at gitmo that doesn’t go on in american prisons every fucking day. when people start giving a fuck about american prisoners in america, i’ll start giving a fuck about terrorists in cuba.

they were hunger striking before ramadan. so yeah, it is a run-of-the-mill hunger strike that just so happens to run into ramadan.

Are you being serious right now? Because even being from the UK, I know blacks get tossed into US prisons over the pettiest crimes like the possession of weed. You have a huge gang problem within your prisons. Now you have senators being bribed into closing down schools and building more prisons, with a legal system that means prisons make more money the more people they have locked up in them. People give a fuck, maybe you just haven’t been listening.


Speaking about tubes, would you need a breathing tube/aka/snorkel in order to go down on Matriarchs smelly pussy? Just Saiyan.

Pretty sure you’re missing the point of the problem here.