Yasumi Matsuno is now employed at Level 5

:woot: Please do another Ogre Battle! I like this bit here:

I don’t think he owns the rights…essentially OB is I think Quest’s property now, and thus and future games in the series are basically under the thumb of Square-Enix.

Disappointed that he doesn’t seem to want to continue the series under his own direction, but at the same time Level-5 has done development for Square-Enix before, so another OB with Matsuno’s input may not be outside the realm of possibility.

I’d rather see him in more of an “advisor” role, allowing Quest to continue his vision for the story, that way he can leave the development and other hard work to the programmers themselves. They did a fine job on Ogre Battle 64 in a similar fashion, I believe.

I’m just glad he’s working again I love his stuff.

I’m hoping for a sequel to Vagrant Story.

Since Square owns the rights to it, I dont see how that’s possible. Unless they bring him in as an advisor or something

I never got the big deal about Vagrant Story, owned it and played it and it was okay. Not this great game people try to make it out to be.