look ryu is ko behind her

Its a great, funny pic, but I think chun-li’s head could use some more work. Oh yeah, her ass looks oversized IMO ( heh, don’t worry about that…:smiley: )

Ah hell, good job!

the draw is not mine. i just do the color

Man, whoever drew that is prolly a pro… I like the colors, you definitly have the airbrush covered. The Chun-Li seems less impressive though. I don’t like the fact that she sorta leans sideways, it looks strange. You didn’t bother much on details, like her shoelaces and Chun-Li is the kind to be begging for detail. I belive her hair should be brown. The black outlines have white outlines to them… I’d also say her eyes are too close and the open eye is too square-shaped.

I’m guessing by the diffrence in CG quality that you didn’t work that hard on that pic or at least it’s not very recent.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t come here to bash your art… I still love the background and the other CG.