Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, IndieGoGo campaign thread


Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm is the name of the first and probably most important update to Yatagarasu, a Doujin fighting game by Shizapen. Now with the help of Nyu Media they are trying to get funds with an IndieGogo campain.

The goal is 68.000 bucks.

Legend of Raven on PS VIta
Yatagarasu Donjon Game


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I wonder when the Kickstarter crash is coming.


Nyu Media is a well know Doujin Soft publisher for english market, with titles like Ether Vapor, eXceed 3rd, Kamui, Satazius and other good games.


more airdashes
more long air combos
more dumb ass kawaii characters

Donate plz!!


They’ve made some badass shumps, I hope this succeeds


Die in a fire :tup:


Yay can’t wait to see it


Big Bang Beat Revolve 2nd Mark? No? Probably not going to care. Who knows, maybe it’ll not suck.


I think this is it:



Yes, it’s Yatagarasu. They want to finish the game with at least six new characters with the original team and even launch it on Arcade for NESiCAxLive. Good for me. If someone want to close this thread because we already have a Yatagaru thread it’s ok for me.


Maybe update the original post to include the link, and make this a separate thread for the IndieGoGo campaign?


Yeah, I would suggest to change the title of this thread. Looking at the Indiegogo page I’m apprehensively hype. I would have more faith if:

(Change/Feature implementations)

GGPO/Rollback netcode or bust. If the netcode isn’t good I’m not buying it. No compromises.

How will the original characters be changed? I want radical changes. I want the shoto’s to be different. I want the grappler dude to not be a typical grappler with a worthless drop kick. Give everyone 3 supers.

Get Rockefeller to do commentary. If not him than Hellpockets.


Hey look, it’s Derek, maybe if we post about this in the 3S section we can get him to talk about the 3SOE patch.


3S parries hinder the fuck out of charge characters and that’s retarded. Also, you get a better parry by holding forward as you parry as opposed to back and parry. Straight up I would probably hate the game if it was 3S parries. And the shotos are about as different as the shotos in 3S are, and Chadha’s drop kick is pretty god damn not worthless. It’s one of the most devastating anti airs in the game. It sounds like you want the game to be more like 3S for the sake of being like 3S instead of being a new game that is similar in concept but still a new game, and I don’t support the former because it isn’t warranted. If you want 3S, go play 3S.

As for Rockefeller, I’ve once again started my tirade on Nyu to get him in the game. Might make another video, who knows.


I was so dissapointed that it wasn’t.

I mean yay yatagarasu but i didn’t even put that much time into it


I just got back into Yatagarasu, so this announcement was really weird for me. In one hand I was really taken off guard because I was hoping for something actually new and was kinda disappointed that it wasn’t, but I was also kinda excited that there was going to be something new for it, and it’s a big something new.


Well, I’ve been in close contact with the CEO of Nyu-Media for a while (goes by the name of “GenkiPatton” on the Nyu-Media forums & I’ve been trying to get him to attend AWA this year which is a possibility at the moment now). If you guys got any question you want me to pitch to him, let me know.


John Rockefeller: Y/Y?


3S had charge partioning so… Also, it depends on the character. It doesn’t effect Urien at all with his Launcher but Remy is a little bit harder to use but he’s played very differently. To me, hitting a button to Parry is awkward and it’s a fair request to make Parries more like 3S because… You know… It’s a 3S-inspired game and all. There’s UOH’s for christsake.

Wasn’t aware the grappler had one of the best AA’s so I cop to that.

On the subject of making it different from 3S I would like the UOH’s to be easier to combo into regardless if opponent is crouching or not. Just an idea, and it would make UOH’s a little like KOF’s short hops.