Yatagarasu Donjon Game


I did a search on this game and got nothing here so I figured I would let everyone know about it. Looks pretty interesting and the animations are pretty nice.



Dev Blogs:


AtTheGates did a write up of game engine and characters from the demo here:

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=7780499&postcount=30 (Thank you for the info)

Newest demo download link (Thanks to Zero3K):


-Game is officially out now. Purchase your copy now.

Updated 01/05/11:

-Netplay patch is out along with some changes. Check the main site for download link.

-Character Chains List (Thanks to Spooty Whiteboy):

-Video clips:

Game opening video


Basic Combos
[SIZE=3]40k Combo[/SIZE]
47.5k Combo

Meterless Combos:
Meter Combos:
[FONT=andale mono]Genei Jin sucks[/FONT]
[FONT=andale mono]Croucing Infinite Loop[/FONT]

Mixup Tutorial

I’ll continue to update this post as more info/updates come.

11/11/14: I’ve been really behind on this thread and do apologize. I will see if I can update this post with all the current information that has been posted recently. Keep an eye out for the game as it gets closer for release on Steam.

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I look at this and for some reason think 3rd Strike or Garou

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I’ll keep my eyes on this.

Hanzo looks like Angel from KOF.



looks interesting…


Looks like a game worth keeping an eye on.


No, Hanzo looks like Rasetsu Shiki without a braid and with scarf


Whoa :wow:

Aw, only four characters so far (from the youtube demo on the website). Will keep an eye on now, thanks sir!


I really like the animation on this. I definitely like what I see. It has alotta of potential.


Looks good, I’d like to see more of the game mechanics.




I hope it has a good netplay code. Looks very interesting!

EDIT: wait a minute looking at the dev blog links, was Styleos a dude who designed K’ in KoF?


Looks awrite


wow this game looks really good, near professional.


Looks great. Only complaint is that the moves are too damn generic. If that’s worked on it could turn out real good.


nice thx for heads up on this!


Looks really solid. I like the characters and the art. Music is pretty cool too. My only complaint is that it seems a bit slow and floaty from the looks of things.


Damn! and im at work now… i will check it out soon, but im somewhat hyped.

EDIT: Im almost very sure that the illustrator is, indeed, the same illustrator of KOF99/00 and Daraku Tenshi.


This looks too good. I’m definitely keeping an eye on this.


Wow I like. Any idea how many buttons, how mechanics work, any of that? Sorry I didn’t read the rest.


it is