Yatta! Yatta! Yatterman-1 Thread

This guy is really fun to use (and probably my fav Tatsunoko char…good memories from the anime series)

**Gan = Yatterman-1
Yatterwan: The mecha-dog
Yatterpelican: The mecha-pelican that you use when you pick yattermans 2P color
AD: Air dash
IAD: Instant air dash
SJ: Super jump
JC: Jump cancel **


  • One of the fastest characters in the game
  • Good mix-up game
  • Nice long range/zoning pokes. He is a bit like Billy kane from KoF
  • Has an infinite…oh wait…A FULLSCREEN INFINITE


  • He has low stamina so try not taking too many risks and you will be fine.
  • Hard to play effectively (not getting raped)


:d: :snka: a crouching punch. Not that fast, now that slow. The important thing is that you can combo :snkb: from it, something that you cant do with standing :snka:
:snkb: = Gan rolls his Kendama, it hits about 3 or 4 times depending on the distance, it doesnt combo from standing :snka: but from crouching :snka: good for comboing his Electric chain after this.
:r: :snkb: = Gan uses his kendama as a whip similar to dhalsims Standing MK. Good as an early anti air.
:snkc: = he spins doing a strange kendama mov. good mid range poke
:r: :snkc: = Hits low, mid range poke, doesnt knock down,
:d::snkc: = His sweep has good range and can be canceled into the firebreath super (this cannot be escaped due to the speed of his super…abuse of this as much as you can)


Kendamagic :qcf: :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: = he uses his kendama like a whip. the button determines how far he will hit you. The C version hits from one side of the screen to another. The B version is also his Assist action.
Air Kendamagic** :qcf: :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: in the air: The air version of the Kendama Whip, pretty good too and the C version hits full screen

Charge :l:, :r: :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: = Gan kicks you and after that he throws his kendama which catches the opp and give him an electric shock doing many hits. After that, the opp enters in a crumbled state and you can dash and combo (but any hit will leave them airbone)

:dp: :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: = Gan does a small jump while rolling his kendama. Does many hits and its very safe on block. Can also be done in the air and you can input normal moves after the air version.

:qcb: :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc:= a command run, you can press :snka: and Gan wil perform a small jump, after the jump you can input a normal or special, :snkb: and Gan will perform a slide, or :snkc: and he will perform his dp move. good for mixups and tricks

Yatterwan Dash** :qcf: :2p: = Yatterman dissapears from the screen and comes back riding Yatterwan, just like in the anime. If he hits the opp, he will throw them on the ground and pass over them. Its very useless on the ground if done alone. but it can be done in the air, so excpect air combos ending with this or his best super which is…
Firebreath Super** :qcb: :2p: = This is his most useful super, and thanks God, its not lv3. He again, calls yatterwan who enters and tries to tackle the opp, if it he manages to hit the opp, theyll be knocked down and yatterwan will start breathing fire. You can control the direction of the firestream, but you cant shoot behind you. The firestream OTGs. The awesome thing about this super, is that yatterwan comes out REALLY fast and if the opp whiffs something and you throw this you will hit them. I think you can also punish assists this way, needs more testing. Dont whiff this super, because if the opp blocks the tackle, they have plenty of time to escape, since it takes a while before Yatterwan starts to shoot the firestream. It doesnt travel full screen, it just hits where Gan is in the moment you do the super.


Difference between mechas:

Thanks to densetsu_x for finding this

I’ve been playing around with the Roll / Yatterman team and found Yatterman’s color can affect the effectiveness of the team combo. If you choose the P1 color so the super brings out Yatterwan, things tend to work as described. If you choose the P2 color, the super brings out Yatterpelican instead. With the Pelican, the fire breath seems to hit a slightly higher angle so either a) you’ll never get them with the fire breath on the ground - you’ll just juggle them instead or b) Yatterpelican misses them altogether (they fell under the firebreath so it’s missing and you’re a target).



**Yatterwan Bomb super **:dp: :2p: = Yatterman-1s lv3 super. He throws a bone-shaped wrench and if it hits the opp, yatterwan will come out and little crocodiles will start coming out Yatterwans mouth, all of them will hit the opp and the last one will drop a bomb which, of course, will explode. Not that useful on its own since Yatterman throws the kind of slow. But the damage is good, and it doesnt seem to scale that bad, use it if you know youll kill someone with it

Combos: ***

Ok, until now I can say he is not a combo machine, but a zoning char. He does have combos, but since he doesnt do much damage with his normal combos, dont expect Chun/Ryu/Karas/Polymar-like madness

:d: :snka: :snkb: :df: :snkc: SJ, :snka: :snka: :snkb: :snkb: jump, :snka: :snkb: :snkc:

:d: :snka: :snkb: and start charging :l: (2/3 hits), :r: :snkc:, dash, Firebreath Super

:d: :snka: :snkb: :d::snkc: Firebreath Super.

Yatterman corner infinite:


Yatterman FUll screen infinite:


Assist Combos:
Roll Assist**

:d: :snka: :snkb: Charge :l: :r: :snkc: :snkd: into Firebreath super (this works basically whi any other assist that doesnt send the opp away)

Polymar Assist

Not to close to a wall:

:d::snka: :snkb: and start charging :l: (2/3 hits), :r: :snkc:, dash :d::snka: :snkb: (2 hits and call polymar) quickly dash to the other side and Firebreath Super.


:d::snka: :snkb: and start charging :l: (2/3 hits), :r: :snkc:, dash :d::snka: :snkb: (2 hits and call polymar) :l::snkb: and Firebreath Super.

(Corner only)

:d::snka: :snkb: (2/3 hits) :df::snkc: Super jump. :snka::snka::snkb::snkb:, jump, :snkb: :dp::snkb: :snkc: As soon as you land Firebreath super and Cancel the tackle into Polymars Tank super ( :snka: + :snkb:, :snka: + :snkb:, :snkb: + :snkc:). The trick of this is to start imputing Polymars super just after Gans picture dissapears and press the last :snkb:+:snkc: as soon as Yatterwan tackles the opp. If you did right, polymar will hit them with the tank and go off the screen, and beofre they fall, he returns to tackle you again. The timing is really strict since if you do it late, the second Tank charge wont combo. Does good damage .

Taken from nicovideo, here we have this awesome yatter combo:

the combo is:

Ryu Assist

Corner: AD :snkc: upcancel, AD :snkc:, land, :snkc: :qcf: :snkb:, call ryu, IAD :snkc:, upcancel, AD :snkc: :dp::snka:, land and jump, j:snka: :dp::snka:, land and jump, j:snka: :dp::snka:, land, :snka: x 6, :df::snkc: SJ, :snkb::snkb: :dp::snka: jump, :snkb::snkb: :dp::snka: :snkc:, land :r::snkc: ? kara canceled into Firebreath super

Seems like no one is interested in this character, I’ll try your stuff out as soon as I can and maybe post some more info to help out.

On a related note - if you choose Yatterman 1’s 2p color, he uses Yatterpelican instead of Yatterwan lol

1st post updated. If you want to contribute, you are welcome to do so.

Okay, here’s a basic combo for him.

1a, 3b, 4b (dash in) a,launch, a,b, jc, a, b, c

Does 9796 damage to Ryu. It’s nothing big, but it gives you an idea of how you can combo with him.

Of course, you can simply do this instead:

a, 2b, launch, air combo

and do more damage.

I dunno, I have to figure some stuff out.

EDIT: Oh, hey, you can link firebreath off the slide from the command run. That’s kinda dope.


:d: :snka: :snkb: , charge :l: -> :r: :snkc: , :snkd: (Water Bucket Assist) , :dp: :2p:

:d: :snka: :snkb: , charge :l: -> :r: :snkc: , :snkd: (Water Bucket Assist) , :qcb: :2p:

Both of those should work.

you can also do:

A B C (ryu assist) -> 214A (run) -> A (jump) -> jump C -> dash…

from there i do 2A 5B -> 46C -> 623 super for about 30k damage

yattermans level 3 super is one of the most combo-friendly supers; the super’s damage doesn’t get raped by scaling like most other level 3s do. you can just do a regular ryu combo into shinkuu, DHC into yatterman level 3 for 40k+ damage easy

but yeah, outside of that super yattermans damage is really low

Is there a way to stop Yatterman Head Crush super or what? :confused:

Yeah. Jump over it.

They removed that one combo I saw from a locketest(I think) where he’d do his charge back, foward C into ground combo, into that move again, right?

I forgot how exactly it went, but I haven’t been able to find anything that can replicate that.

they removed it because it could be a potential ground infinite, thats why when you hit them while they are in the crumbled state after being shocked, they enter in a juggle state (they leave the ground) instead of staying on the ground.

How do you stop it?

You dont. You cant.

You just super jump.

(meant to reply to your post, but accidentally hit edit ><)

ok i haven’t tested it but 2A seems too fast.

I think i may have found a cool mixup in the corner, but i have to test it out more before i get flamed :annoy:

I’m maining Yattaman, alongside a few others, and I’m not sure I got his playstyle down yet. There’s alot of zoning but I’m not always sure what it is I’m trying to do. Most of the time it feels like I’m using my attacks to defend myself from otherwise rushing opponents, so sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing much.

I find myself going for air combos all the time and to punish everything, because I don’t know a very solid way of doing damage. The best air combo I could find is a little finnicky, since the opponent needs to be at a rather specific height for all the hits:

launcher > :snka: :snka: :snkb: :snkb: jump :snkb: :snkb: :dp:+:snkb: :snkc:

The bigger damage comes from the shoryuken in the air, so I try to maneouvre so I get all the hits there. This can be tricky if you do :d::snkb: before your launcher, for example. With this combination, I’ve found you have to do shoryuken with B or you drop too far before the C. All versions of the shoryuken do the same damage, though, so it’s still optimal. I’d be very interested in any of the air combos that lead to :qcf: super, though I suspect those are somehow assist-specific.

I’ve yet to test what’s the best option after :l:[charge]:r::snka:, I seem to hit that alot, and usually go into air combo.
I can’t imagine where I’d fit Baroque in his combos, so I don’t use it. I know Baroque is not worthwhile for all characters, I figure Yattaman’s one of them.

In my teams, he makes a good partner to characters who I play with supermove-centric styles, like MegaMan, Saki and Tekkaman. I can keep an opponent out for a while, while I gain some meter and the partner heals. But at the same time, his low defense means I need Mega Crash often.

What does everyone else’s Yattaman look like?

I main him along with polymar. they have good sinergy when it comes to supers, ill post those on monday I guess.

I know he doesnt uses lots of meter, but if you have to, I advice everyone to use firebreath super because its fast and can punish whiffs like a MTF, just make sure you hit them with the tackle and youll be fine.

He is a good zoner, he is also fast so he can escape when needed and has decent mixups with the command run options (you can cross-up with the :snka: followup)

His :r: + :snkb: is good for people who like air dashing a lot.

About yatterwan dash…I dont know man, I still dont know where to put that super. It too slow…I guess you can use it after the :l: [charge] :r: :snka: thing…but you are better saving meter for the firebreath super. I managed to combo but after Soukis :qcf: + :2p: super, just when the opp reachs the top of the super…now that I think about it, polymar might be able to do something…Ill investigate more and ill post anything new I discover :tup:

This guy needs some more love…seriously

the only thing i’ve found yattawan dash to be really useful against is yami -_- (lol gay boss fight), and possibly to punish tagging in. the timing would take some practice, but it could be devastating :smiley:
Also, his :bdp: :snkb: is a great long range poke, especially if you start the attack right away. He slides across the whole damn screen >.> and karas players thought their :d: :snkc: was good. lol

Rock Volnutt’s machine gun arm is good for landing the Yatterwan dash if you use it in a Hyper combo.

Yatterwan Dash works well if you use Doronjo’s BIG BALL THINGY super and cancel it into Yatterwan Dash. Basically, both of your characters are completely safe while the big ball drops and Yatterwan drives across the bottom of the screen. You have 3/4 of the screen covered with crap. They’ll probably block, but it’s good chip and totally safe.