Yatterman 2 Guide

**Yatterwho? **
Ai-Chan is Gan-Chan’s girlfriend, and the daughter of a shopkeeper who sells electrical appliances. She is “Yatterman No. 2”, and uses a telescoping baton to emit electric currents to shock opponents, as well as for her special attack “Electric Stick”.

**Playstyle **
Her overall paylstyle involves very high pressuring. Yatterman-2 fights like Karas in that she has poor HP but very quick pokes to keep opponents pressured. She has some of the poorest HP in the game (above Zero, Roll, and Karas), but also has good options to keep herself prepared for many situations. In addition, she has fast unblockables, a projectile, the all so annoying robot and many other neat things.

**Key **
I’ll be using the numpad notation in this guide.

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Take a look at your numpad if it helps.

A = Light attack, B = Medium attack, and C = Heavy attack.

A number in brackets [] means it’s a charge move. So if you see [4]6C, you need to hold back then press forward and press heavy attack.

j.A = Light aerial, j.B = Medium aerial, j.C = Heavy aerial.

AT = Any attack button (A, B, or C).

[AT&AT] = Hit any 2 attack buttons at the same time. Used for Hyper Combos.

~ = means the next move needs to be either hit at a stricked timing or it has to be done immediately after the previous input. In this guide its the latter.

5A - A quick poke.

5B - 3 pokes that go in the same direction as 5A except it has farther range.

5C - Does a sweep like attack that can be charged. If charged it can’t be blocked.

2A - A cute footsie, nothing much.

2B - Hits at belt level for most characters.

**2C **- Same as 5C but comes out from the opposite direction.

3B - A low sliding kick.

3C - Launcher. One awesome thing to point out about Yatterman 2 is that she is the only one with a low hitting launcher. All other characters have a launcher that may be blocked standing. (Thanks to calmchaos for pointing this out)

j.A - A pretty quick smack with baton, nothing much.

j.B - Spins her baton in the down-foward direction. It gets 2 hits in and is most likely the best aerial she has. Good to approach with or even set up.

j.C - Similar to 5C and can also be charged. Sends them straight to the ground. Best used for an overhead approach, in my opinion.

In order to do a throw you must be very close to your opponent.

6+C - Zaps the opponent with the baton (10 hits). Doesn’t send them anywhere; they fall to the ground. *

4+C - Same as 6+AT except she puts the enemy behind her (10 hits). *

6+C [AIR] - Stomps on the opponent several times, sending them to the ground (10 Hits).

4+C [AIR] - Same as the former (10 Hits).

*You can do a OTG out of the grounded throws using 236+[AT]~C

Yatter Shield (214+A/B/C) - This animation is like Karas’s disc special. The hitbox and the recovery on the move are not as great as Karas’s, but it’s still a very useful defensive move and can extend her ground strings. It also reflects, turning reflected objects into a fireball and if it hits an opponent it will put them into a stagger. Not only does the projectile cause stagger but the shield alone can, making it a good move to string together ground combos. Pressing A, B, or C determines the duration and recovery time (Ex. A is the fastest and safest).

Yatter Step (236+[AT]~A/B/C) - Yatterman 2 dashes toward the opponent letting her follow up with a different A, B, and C attack.

~A - The light attack is a straightforward poke which is faster than all the others. Mainly used in combos or to prod at distant opponents.

~B - The medium attack lets her swing her baton downward. Must be blocked high and comes out very fast. While it doesn’t do much damage, it can be baroqued to continue into a combo.

~C - The heavy attack does a low poke that must be blocked low. A little bit slower than the mid attack, but it can also be used to strike downed opponents.

Yatter Swing ([4]6+A/B/C) [OK IN AIR] - Yatterman 2 swings her baton causing a electric projectile to shoot out. The direction it shoots out depends on what button you press.

A - Causes it to bounce off the floor. Good to use for an anti-air or hit the opponent low.

B - Causes it to go straight horizontally. Better off using this one if your camping or have your little robot out since it’s bound to hit.

C - Causes it to go straight up, then back down which may cause it to hit the enemy on the head. Nice way to mindgame your opponent if you mix it up.

NOTE: This projectile bounces and increase in speed the more they do. This and Super Passion alter from heart and star shape depending on the costume you choose. Not sure if this effects hitboxes in any way.

ANOTHER NOTE: You can do TK’d and empty Yatter Swing. For more on these see ‘Trickies’.

Yatter Splash (A/B/C Push Rapidly) [OK IN AIR] - Does muli-pokes in a decent amount of range. The range and direction depend on the button.

Tap A Rapidly - It does multiple pokes in the same direction as 5A.

Tap B Rapidly - It can do multiple pokes in the up-forward direction (similiar to her assist). A good Anti-Air.

Tap C Rapidly - It does a Yatter Step toward the opponent, then a multi-poke that’s like A’s multipoke but with more range.

Tap j.A Rapidly - Same as A’s multipoke with probably very little difference, if any.

Tap j.B Rapidly - It multipokes in the down-foward direction. *

Tap j.C Rapidly - It mulitipokes straight down. *

  • Multipokes in the air are pretty good on giants, though I’d play it safe. j.B and j.C Rapids are your best bet.

Hyper Combos
Super Passion (236+[AT&AT]) - Raises her baton and and drops a electric projectile. Holding down the attacks will let you charge it. Lvl 1 will drop a small size projectile that will bounce around. Lvl 2 gets bigger and falls at a distance but doesnt bounce. Lvl 3 gets even bigger, lands infront of you, and still doesnt bounce.

Omotchama’s Roll - (623+[AT&AT]) - Hehehe…this one’s fun. Fun to spam atleast. Yatterman 2 summons her little robot friend to fight along with her for a given time. There isn’t really anyway to combo with this or set it up, its just there to help apply even more pressure and/or give you some breath space if ya need it. Works pretty nefty against giants but saving for a Lvl 3 Hyper might be more reasonable.

This Week’s Surprise Robots (214+[AT&AT]) - Yatterman 2 sweeps under the opponent causing them to trip, then jumping on a robot that lauches pelicans at the opponent, then finishing it off with an even bigger pelican. Her best in my opinion. Works great with the proper setup especially her stagger. Comes out faster than her others and does nice damage. Its mashable for more damage which is noticible by the amount of hits and peilicans that fly out. It apparently gets alot of hits in according to this [media=youtube]m5BG_rS8E98&feature=related]Capcom Combo Labs Video though my highest is 67 hits (33.227 Dmg I think) with it. I also recently got a 66 hit mash recorded so other can see the difference between the two ([). Also some say it **does not **ignore scaling. Others say it does ignore it but no current proof. A user on SRK made a good point though:


Team Combos
w/ Viewtiful Joe:

w/ Ryu:

something Ai-Chan could use right now…

Her Cross-Over Counter is her 2C animation but with a launcher property. If you’re quick enough you should be able to follow-up with a j.B or possibly other things. This needs to be looked into more.

—As stated before 236+[AT]~C can do an OTG. You can do this out of a grounded throw.

—Forces your opponent to roll backwards.

—Empty Yatter Swings.

—TK’d Yatter Swings.

TIP: You can TK a B charge fireball to hit people crouching and at IAD height.

**–WIP-- MORE SOON. **

Sources: http://www.iplaywinner.com and users from http://www.shoryuken.com were sources used in this guide.

Please feel free to contribute more to this…

Great guide!
Good to see Yatter-2 getting some attention. I say we need to test out BnB’s with some diferent assists.

yea most definitely, and thanks.

She unfortunenately gets the least amount of attention besides Daimao, but he wouldn’t really count imo >_>

Good shit, beginner ai chan mains shouldn’t have any problems now that we have a guide.

You might want to add a note to my BnB - you can tack on an extra C Yatter Step OTG in the corner for a little bit more damage.

Also, I noticed that you use “AT”, as in “any attack”, in describing throwing. You can only throw with C.

Whoops that was a mistake, thanks for catchin that.

and I’ll be sure to add that OTG tidbit. Thanks for the contribution.

Couple more things worth mentioning:

When performing a team super with Yatterman #1 in reserve she uses her level 2 Super Passion super.

My BnB doesn’t work on Roll or Viewtiful Joe.

Her variable counter is her launcher (I think).

To make the BnB work on Joe and Roll simply replace the 2B after 214A with 2A.

A BnB that uses baroque.

2A, 2B, 5C, 2C, 236A+A, IAD jC, jc.IAD jAB, 2A, 2B, 5C, 2C, 214A dash 2B, 2C, 3C ^ sj.AABB, jc.BBC, 236A+C

I’ve been trying to find IAD loops or any other sorts of relaunches in the corner with her but her aerials send people too high up and have little stun. =(

jC can be blocked charged but turns around on cross-up, okay for when people are tagging in and you want to go for a somewhat ambiguous cross-up. So she really only has 2 unblockable moves, 5C and 2C.

214A, 2B, 2C, 3C, sj.IAD jC can be done anywhere including mid-screen and forces the opponent to roll backwards. Great in setting up safer mix-ups like yatter-step. Yatter-step is great on oki in general since she turns around if they roll. A well-timed assist can make it pretty reliable. Specifically someone like Polimar sets up for that unblockable in the corner. Landing a yatter step combos into lvl 3 of course.

Is this just going to be the new general Ai-chan info thread? Nice work on the guide by the way.

I’d like this to be where most the general Yatterman 2 disscussion takes place so it makes it easier for me to keep the guide updated. Of course specific partner disscussion should stay in the Partner Thread and so on.

If anyone feels iffy about anything I wrote or notices something wrong, please call me out on it so I can properly fix. This guide isn’t 100% perfected atm so please continue to provide contributions and corrections.

Don’t forget that she has a low hitting launcher. Only one in the game I’m pretty sure.

Every character’s launcher must be blocked low, making all launchers’ low hits.

You’re wrong… Y-2 is the only one with a low hitting launcher. All others may be blocked standing, even Morrigan’s and that one comes out of the ground.

Just checked…pardon my mistake.

It’s cool my brotha

Looks like a good start.

A useful post you missed about the empty yatter swings: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=223547&p=8420945&viewfull=1#post8420945
Also on the yatter swing section, you left out that the B version it can be TK’d to hit both crouchers and IADers as noted in the OP of the original yatter2 thread.

And a few nitpicks on what you have so far:

Overheads are not the same as unblockables. Overheads can be blocked, but can only be blocked high. Just leave it at “can’t be blocked.”

I’ve been unable to get a single instance of jB to do more than 2 hits, no matter when I hit with it in the anim. Are you sure you’re not just hitting jB twice there and missing one of the hits?



Something I’ve found nice about the A version of yatter swing is that if you do 7[4]6A from across screen, releasing around the peak of the jump, it’ll actually bounce back at the right angle to hit someone in the back if they avoid the initial shot and try to charge at you, which you can of course combo off of. Handy, since it requires no actual prep besides the jump itself, and you can do a jB as you fall from it. Probably would be a good idea to mix up using this and TK’d [4]6B.

Tiger Knee It!

I know it’s been mentioned that you can tiger knee her Yatter Swings to get them to hit in a variety of ways.

I don’t think anyone mentioned that if you time it so you’re just off the ground, she will land and recover much faster.

This is the most useful for her B and C versions of the attack, the C version getting the most reduced recovery.

The B version can be rapid fired if tiger knee’d correctly (two tiger knee’d shots will combo, but the stagger they cause prevents an infinite)

Thanks for the continued help on this. I fixed some mistakes and added some stuff left out. As fas as the TK Yatter Swings…

anyone mind recording this? Showing the different versions? It’d be helpful for people that dont quite know what it is or need a visual to see what they’re doing wrong. I’m still gonna add the informative stuff in this thread but I’d also like to add a video cause it’s not the easiest thing to pull off.

I wish so bad she was allowed to have more than one Yatter swing ball on the screen at a time.

I think the main post should be changed. It’s really not fair to say she has damage above Roll, Karas and Zero anymore because all of those characters can break 25000b without even using meter, assists or baroque. Roll can break 30kb. I think Yatter 2 has the second worst combo damage in the game after Saki. (and that’s not counting Saki’s unblockables.)