Yatterman 2 Guide

Maybe using ‘damage’ wasn’t what I should of used. I was refering to her HP not the amount of damage she outputs from her attacks.

I really think she’d be broken if she had that. I could lock down the whole screen easily if I could have two on the screen at once, not counting assists and Supers.

As far as videos goes, I can’t record anything on my own. No camera or capture card. :sweat:

Saki does 18K midscreen with 22C charged and 20K in the corner with 22C charged - no baroque, no assist, no meter. With Tekka assist she can do over 30K midscreen (or in the corner) without meter or baroque.

Yatterman 2 does 17-18K max w/out meter, assist or baroque. I’ve yet to find any real assist combo potential with Yatterman-2, best I’ve found is a little over 20K with Ryu or Morrigan assist. She does have very interesting reset potential, however. I plan on hitting the lab to see if I can find any big damage options for Y2, whether assisted or not.

But yeah, barring any discoveries, Ken the Eagle does little damage without assistance, Doronjo does little damage without assistance (though I may have discovered something juicy: basically, you should be able to relaunch by tiger-kneeing a rock out of launch), Morrigan’s damage isn’t that impressive (at least from what I can tell). And Zero and Roll only do big damage in the corner. So Yatterman 2 isn’t totally alone.

If Yatter-2 could do empty yatter swings on command she could probably at least have some corner relaunches and do as much as Roll. Maybe using an assist to setup for you to have time to throw one out first, or TK’ing it will make a difference. Bleh, she’d be so good if jC’s didn’t cause the opponent to be invulnerable on the way down.

If anything, Yatter-2 doesn’t have many damaging ways to use any of her supers besides lvl3.

Oh yeah I’m sure she’d be too much if she could load the screen with yatterswings. With the cheese block out (which is what I call omotchama), morrigan assist, and a couple yatterswings on the screen… o boy.

I don’t think anyone REALLY needs a vid of TK Yatterswings.
It’s just charge back, then jump up and back, then forward and AT. So I think [4]76 AT would make enough sense for people to figure it out. They’ll just keep trying until they get the swing to come out right off the ground.

lol I just got 58 Hits with lvl 3 super by mashing, get at me :3

30.631K lol

Edit: 60-ish Hits, 30.953K! :o

Edit 2: 66 Hits, 32. 423K!! :smiley: I got it captured lol

Did you do that on a stick or with a controller? For some reason i can get a lot more hits on a pad than I can on a stick.
Edit: I know it’s my hands. I’m just wondering.

I used a GCC and just got 66 Hits getting 32.423K! Highest I’ve gone and I dont wanna try anymore cause my thumb hurts ;-;

Vid: [media=youtube]PFkDhbCJwxw[/media]

Edit: I got 67 Hits and get got me 33.227K (or something close to that) but didnt get it recorded ;-; FYI this isnt close to possible to what you could get in an irl match lol >_>

Which buttons can be used to mash? Just A,B, and C? Or can you use the tag, A+B+C, and dpad as well?

everything except the D-pads and Taunt should work.

So like A, B, C, P, A+B+C buttons should all work, but I honestly only use A, B, and C cause its easier to mash those quickly then to try and mash all the possible buttons randomly.

again I use the Gamecube controller so idk about other controllers.

I use a stick and the highest I’ve gotten it to 57-59 hits, just the level 3 itself. Like Red said, you should easily be able to break 50 consistently if you use the A, B, C, P, A+B+C (which I have mapped as the a button on my stick) Also if you have something mapped for the R button, you might be able to get a few extra hits. Haven’t confirmed whether hitting buttons that have actions applied to them translates to more hits, it’s something to experiment with. That Capcom combo lab video got the level three up to like 75 hits alone, so there has to be a way to get it that high without a modded controller.

Actually the Capcom Combo Labs vid did 52 hits, so I succeded that. But I think its still possible to do over my record of 67 Hits it’d just be really really hard lol. GL to anyone trying to top that. :b

i will make it my mission! is it not many ppl playin Y2? wheres the love? i Been tryin to get better with her but i keep seeing the same 5 ppl post and it seems not many are on srk often…

You are so on red. im going to beat that record. im going to do it during tourney!:razz:

Eh, it was just an estimate…I’m gunna try and get above 52 hits as well. If anyone can, record their best one!

Well just to see how many hits were actually possible I set up a macro on my G15 and ran TvC on dolphin.
The most I got was 83 hits. Which was around 37 billion damage.

More hits may be physically possible, but the inputs act funny when I try to do them any faster. I can try to see how many hits the system will actually let you do if anyone cares.

Don’t know if this is new, but you can cross up Roll and V. Joe after either throw by immediately dashing.

Something odd happened today. Most likely a random glitch.
I was playing as saki vs cpu Y-2.
I charged my unblockable super and right before I fired it the Y-2 CPU did the rapid B attack, and Saki’s super went through her. I didn’t get hit by the rapid B, but she was pretty close to me.
The Y-2 didn’t jump or approach me in any way that would make Saki’s armor piercing round miss. The bullet came out and went right through Y-2.
Anyway couldn’t replicate it so it will probably never happen again, but just thought I would share.

hmm yea definitely sounds like a glitch, and odd indeed.

I haved some questions about saki but I’ll onto those for later. Maybe in a Saki MU Thread.

I got some easy yatter-2/tekkablade combos you can put up top. I prefer just to use the assists for cover and use variable raid for combos because of how effective it is with Tblade/yatter-2.

With yatter-2
hitconfirm, 5B,2B,5C,3C,j.ABB,j.AB,236D,j.ABB, options listed below
1)236A~214PP(combo to Tblade lv3(this combo requires around 3 meter at start, does ~40k))
2)j.2C,land,236A,236PP (really REALLY easy does like 33k, uses 2 meter, requires a little less than 1 at start).
3)j.2C,land,28C,5AA,2B,236A,236PP(does like 37k, or something uses 2 meter, requires around 2/3 a bar at start.), it ends around 55-60hits depending on exactly how you end it, and looks mad stylish.

*on both 236A,236PP you can just do 236B instead.
*on combo ender 3 while this combo is character specific and actually p. damn hard normally with T-blade its really easy because varing puts you higher than normal the timing is quite wide.

With Tblade you can just play him point for a while not too much special yatter-2 can help him with but you can cover his 214 with yatter-2 assist.

The best way to switch back to having yatter-2 on point is to do the T-blade combo var out and go j.ABB,j.ABC, all of these moves are slightly delayed a bit so you get proper better oki of course. Then you can do your stupid yatter-2 high low mixup crap safly because TBlade assist will be back.

You can also cancel 236PP into 214PP before 236PP hits but that costs 4 meter but if it will finish them…why not.

Note this damage is without Baroque with Baroque the damage gets stupid and quickly.