Yatterman-2 Partner Thread

Let’s start posting some teams that she likes. I’ll try to keep this updated with people’s strats and ideas, so let’s start getting creative.

Viewtiful Joe

[details=Spoiler]My personal favourite so far for fun is Viewtiful Joe. She’s one of the only characters that can take advantage of his assist, using all her mobility traps along with the threat of a looming V-Bomb seriously limits the opponent’s options.

Also, in the corner, if Joe is on point, you have a nasty 5-bar combo.

Start with Joe in the corner.
:snka:, :snkb:, :snkc:, :qcb:+:2p:, :qcf:+:2p:, DHC into :qcf:+:2P:, charge until they land on it.

Extremely situational, but DAYUM it looks good.

Yatterman-2’s assist can also give Joe a decent anti-air, which is something that he can use well.[/details]

Does Yatta-2 work with Saki by chance?

I haven’t messed around with Saki at all. Do some messing around and see what happens, I don’t know what Saki can do at all, really.

Using yatterman-2 on point with roll as an assist sets up a lot of runaway / spam action. air [4] ]6[ b (land) 236236+abc then call out roll assist is hard to maneuver around. Can’t find synergies DHC-wise yet though.

With Ippatsu/Yatter2 you get a few good things

Yatter2 assist holds pepople at a 45 degreee angle above you which is rigght in line for your air super.
during corner pressure her assist will stop people from SJ’ing out
Ipppatsu can build up meter decently fast
you get a really safe DHC into robot summon (baseball super DHC robot summon) The projectiles will cover you briefly while you start you offense

after you do a air [4]6B you can do Ippatsu’s assist to cover the ground while you IAD B in to have the whole screen covered in attacks!
Anytime some one tried to get in on your thru the air you can hit them with her B lightning legs do 236 A+B then DHC into air throw super

Just some stuff off the top.

Saki can chain multiple 22B shots in the corner off Ai-chan’s assist. Use the assist in conjunction with her command grab to setup for it.


Basically that combo except replace Polimar assist with Ai-chan, and use headbutt or something to get the assist off. Haven’t really found much combo potential with Saki’s assist yet. However VHC is pretty good, as both Saki and Ai-chan’s specials are nice setups. End your usual BnB with 214A > ABC > 236VHC and Saki’s anti-air laser will combo while Ai-chan gets a decently charged Super Passion that falls on them as they land. Depending on positioning relative to the corner the fully charged super passion might also connect and combo off of it.

Saki’s unblockable shot + Super Passion VHC isn’t too bad either, though as characters I don’t find either of them to be very highly damaging yet. So hoping for huge damage from 3 meter setups that aren’t their lvl 3 supers isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Frank tops every person she could possibly be teamed with, even Joe.

Ty von very much for the info. Thats really cool.

Another way I’ve found to use Ai-chan’s assist is Saki 5C > 6C > Assist in the corner. Still working on follow-ups to it. So far I’ve got canceling the 6C into 22C charge > Air combo > 5C relaunch > 236 Super or another relaunch/air combo. You can get a 22B juggle off too but the timing is weird and I’m pretty bad with it, so how damaging it can really be I’m not sure. Sure looks cool though.

With Ryu out:

(only in the corner) After any combo ending with a donkey kick, if you do 5A, 5B, 5C, 6C, 214C (tatsu) you can use Yatter2’s assist to create some different options.

If you hit the assist at the same time the 3rd kick of the tatsu lands, Yatter2 will poke the opponent just high enough for you to walk under and reset combo. Also note if they get used to this you can walk only a few steps forward and they will fall back into the corner, leaving you on the same side. You can also overhead after the reset into a BBQ combo if you have the red life of course.
If you hit the assist just before the 4th kick of tatsu, you have enough time to land and combo with another 5A, 5B, 5C, 6C, 214C into either Shinkuu or Shin Shoryuken.

Also after a Shin Shoryuken (in the corner), if you wait a bit, you can get an assist with Yatter2 followed by a 3C into an aerial combo. If they’re not in the corner and you land a Shin Shoryuken then you can dash up twice with 3 (3ABC) and use Yatter2’s assist then for the same thing.

With a little bit of red life, you can kill someone with full life with this combo:
j.C 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 421C, 5B, 5C, 6C, 214C, P, 5A, 5B, 5C, 6C, 214C, BBQ, 5A, 5B, 5C, 6C, Shinkuu then before he shoots the hadoken DHC into Ai’s lvl 3.

I also think you can do Ryu’s lvl 3 instead of Shinkuu, relaunch with 3C into j.A, B, 236A Shinkuu but I keep failing after the relaunch lol.

With Yatter2 out:

You can keep mad pressure on the opponent by doing 5A, 5A, 5B, 5C 236A P(Ryu Assist) then B or C depending on how they are blocking. If you land the overhead or low then the assist will land very soon after giving you enough time to combo in 5A, 5C, 3C (I think 5A, 5C are the only normals you can get in before you are out of range for the 3C. If anyone finds something else you can land that does more damage let me know.) into an aerial. After the aerial, if they are in the corner I believe you can get an OTG 236A C. Once they get up you can just start the 50/50 all over again. I’m not sure about this but I think you can do Omotchama’s Roll after you land from the aerial with enough time to meaty the 5A.

Doronjo. Enough said.

DHC from Big Ball with Doronjo to Little Robot with Yatter 2. Opponent can’t do much. Doronjo’s assist is always nice. And yatter 2 assist helps when Doronjo is getting pressured which Doronjo has trouble with.

If you DHC anything into 623 super, then the robot coming out time is during freeze animation and you’re left really safe. With Saki, you can do 41236 super into 623 super if you’re fast enough I think, and get the charge for saki next time you bring her in, and have robot for Ai.

If you do 236 super, does the bouncy projectile stay on the screen? I know robot doesnt, but if bouncy does, then you can prolly DHC that into Saki’s 41236 super safely.

Yeah, it stays.

I was thinking of yatter-2 and morrigan.
Would that be a bad idea?

Yeah that heart is great for doing those charge up unblockables.

This is real nice. I figured out some parts of this but you certainly figured out more than I did. This is real sweet stuff!

i enjoy playing Ai-chan and ippatsuman with either on point. Can’t really get into her and Megaman unless she’s on point.

whos best for yat#2 im lookin into zero yatter1 and ken but idk im mnew to the game and want some help finding a assist to go with yatter 2 all ideas will be appreciated

Have you found anything else? I’ve been wanting to use this team up but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of team synergy involved.

How well does alex work with yatterman 2?