Yay! Akuma is banned at EVO

Have you heard?
I just found out about it today

It seems that after all, he was actually too good.

Anybody doesnt agree with this descision???



Yeah, I disagree. I think he should be allowed, since I do not think he is overpowered. Until we see him dominating major tournies, this decision seems premature. He doesn’t even dominate the top 25 on the ranked match list. Where is this god-tier character that people cower in fear of? You’re not even giving it a chance.

Capcom chose not to adjust him balance-wise until they saw him dominate major venues. Now the first major venue is locking him out? Poor choice if you ask me.

I also think it’s silly to hold the tournament on PS3 when the majority of the player base seems to be playing on 360, which has the far better online experience. The tournament may be local play, but if most people have sticks/systems on 360 and are playing on that, if it is just a logistical problem of finding enough hardware, I’m sure people can scrounge that up on their own.

Copy-pasting from my thread since this seems to be the one people are going to:

Just noticed this in the Evo forum, and well I’ll be damned…

I never thought they’d actually do it. If anything, I had figured that Evo would be the test of how broken he is, with the information from that being used for a possible gameplay patch. But obviously that’s all out the window now.

Personally, I’m somewhat disappointed in this, though I will say it’s the most borderline situation I’ve seen yet. There isn’t a large body of evidence, as damdai’s the only one who’s been winning tournaments with him. Additionally, he may actually have at least one losing matchup (I’ve heard Sim & Balrog suggested), which alone should disqualify any character from being ban material IMO. Hell, Sagat in SF4 and Eddie in GGXX Accent Core have no losing matchups at all, yet they don’t really dominate and those are probably two of the best-balanced fighters ever.

On the other hand, Akuma definitely makes this game worse than vanilla ST, so I can understand why they would do this. But creating rules to make a game better is something SF players have always been against. I just think that if we don’t ban Genei-Jin and Chun SA2 from 3rd Strike, we shouldn’t be banning Remix Akuma.

Overall, though, I’m not really mad at them for this or anything, and think it will make the game a lot more interesting to watch. I’m just not big on the thinking behind it. Any additional thoughts, SRK?

If the game with Akuma is worse than vanilla ST but without him it’s better then either of the other options (not banning him and playing HDR or going back to OG ST where he is banned anyway) are absolutely retarded. There is no slippery slope here because it’s a totally unique case.

I think it would be nice if the EVO staff could explain us why the decided to do this

Yay! Big thanks to Damdai for doing a TON of legwork to show why Akuma is broken :slight_smile:

I agree overall with you, and I was really curious to see what Akuma would do at Evo… But its not the first time I heard one thing and I hope somebody can explain me it: How Balrog is supposed to beat Akuma? I cant see how Balrog can avoid the air-ground fireball zoning… However, I think Claw can be a bad matchup for Akuma and pretty sure Sim is too.

I agree that Akuma is not a god character, but he makes too many characters useless. Was not that the reason O.Sagat was soft banned in Japan?

Well, helas, we’ll not have the empirical data to prove it from Evo, and that is the problem. I hope some other major tourneys allow Akuma in future.

Fuckin’ A!


This kinda goes against the whole “don’t ban it until it’s warranted” philosophy. But hey, good to see HDR there at all.

Good shit! Akuma is just stupid.

Josh 1 evo staff 0.

This is complete bullshit evo is just caving into pressure just like they pussied out on brawl pressure and I hate to say that about the people who made my favorite website possible but I just call it as I see it.

I don’t give a fuck is akuma “make the game less interesting” I’m all about calling it as I see it if evo doesn’t like sthd with akuma then they shouldn’t have it there at all because this is hypocrisy at it’s finest. NO don’t ban anything…wait wait some people think this is ban worthy so lets ban this character without having any definitive evidence!

Yeah because all it takes is 1 single person to prove anyone is broken right?

If akuma is definitively proven as broken then and only then does evo have any logical reason to ban akuma but otherwise it’s irrational…oh well irrationality @ evo2k9 BET IT!

Fact: STHD Akuma wasn’t tweaked enough to bring him within the same playing field as the rest of the cast.

Congrats to EVO for recognizing this.

He wasn’t tweaked because Capcom was waiting on proof that he is broken. Now that proof isn’t going to happen. If he dominated a major tournament, we could have at least seen what particular mechanics needed adjustment. Without that empirical data, the devs won’t know what to fix. Is it the air fireball? Is it the super? The teleport? The normals? There’s no proof in a major tournament setting that any player can abuse X to win. And if you don’t know what specifically about the character is broken, how can Capcom fix it?


And this.

Oh well, can’t say I’m surprised. Evo should’ve given Akuma the chance to “prove” his brokenness, since everybody at Capcom and on SRK believe that evidence of anything broken in a game will only be accepted if it happens at high level tourney play. Even tier lists are decided from high level tourney play. And tourneys don’t get much bigger than Evo.

This was a golden opportunity.

I was actually looking forward to the opposite effect-- an Evo grand final where it’s Akuma versus some dark horse character that nobody expected to make it that far. It would have been dramatic, and afterwards I’m sure there would naturally be enough data to soft-ban or ban Akuma anyway.

Fact: you’re 100% wrong.

I guess evo buckled under the pressure and would rather prematurely ban a character (hmm kinda sounds like another recent situation…:rofl:) then let their tournament be used as a testing ground for something they are not sure of.

That’s basically my feeling as well, which again is why it’s not a huge deal to me.

It just makes them look a little bit hypocritical when they say things like “we had to drop Brawl because it forced us to compromise the way we do things”, when that’s pretty much what’s going on here. But that’s a minor quibble.

The point is it hasn’t been proven beyond reason let alone all doubt that he’s broken and if we hold all other games to the same standard why lower it just for sthd? thats more then a “minor quibble” it’s as hypocritical as you can get, facts don’t lie.

Like I said in my first post srk gave the brawl community an endless shit storm for banning items without logical justification but for us to do the same thing we bashed them for is 100% two faced.