YBM GamersFest Tourney Results. January 15th


Super Street Fighter 4 Singles Tourney…

1st. Big Marcus
2nd. Rexor
3rd. Mr. Quinton
4th. Nobody
5th. Cameron McCloud
6th. Charles Lamont Jackson
7th. Todd
8th Andre Richardson
9th. Andrew Shenberg
10th. SLEEP!!!
11th. Hall Hawk
12th. Flying Dragon
13th. Justin Leung
14th. Matt Fritz
15th. Starcharger 28
16th. Jonathan Norman
17th. Ben Fredricks
18th.Micheal Orlando Holland Jr
19th. Collin Nelson
20th. Anubis
21th. Sage Ruto
22th. Kindig
23th. Goony Goo Goo
24th. Rodney Allen
25th. Joshua Graham
26th. Terrance Hope
27th. Koga 316
28th. Lil Guilty

Super Street Fighter 4 teams 3 vs 3

1st. No Rex
2nd. Chicken and Rice
3rd. Hockey Puck
4th. Super chargers
5th. David and Goliath
6th. Free Round
7th. Whatever
8th. Tactical Shift

Tekken 6 singles

1st. Rodney Allen
2nd. Sage Ruto
3rd. Brandon Ming
5th. Marcus
6th. Guilty
7th. Nick
8th. Shanna


got any vids?

so how did you guys make out? ybm make well or are ya’ll in da red?


We should have videos up soon consisting of the interviews, matches, and random goofy stuff that was recorded. Also if you had friends that came I’m pretty sure they have video also. I once again thank everyone that made it. The tourney was awesome and some of the best matches I’ve ever seen. Some people even said our tourney was the best one they’ve ever been to.


LOL at my name spelled wrong “”“Quiton”" QUINTON!!! whatever its not that important lolololol.

Great matchs I learned alot about my weaknesses and im planning on filling in these gaps and getting stronger. Third place still is not bad. But im still weak and need much improvement!


This Hookz…I corrected it for you fam!
P.S. Congratulations “Q” for ranking soooo high up. I know you wanted the crown, but you went head up against St. Louis BEST player & did your thang. Its all about growth, learning from your mistakes…Next Time “Don’t think he can beat you…KNOW you CAN beat him”


I think Sage forgot the 2nd part of your question…We broke about even. This was more so about people taking us serious, & trying to give gamers the best possible experience they’ve ever had in St. Louis, in hopes we all can come together in the future & make it better. Since this was my 1st one…i learned from the few mistakes we made & next time…will be even MORE EPIC than this one!