Ye Olde English Pub: The Dudley Social



Topic dedicated to the discussion of Dudley. Relax and shoot the breeze with your fellow pugilist about topics such as but not limited to Dudley’s tournament worth, weaknesses, strengths, and class.

I didn’t like the pessimistic sounding topic getting all the general discussion type post and someone in said topic suggested it.

Dudley is awesome and I think it’s great actually seeing the character being built up in front of me. I’m a young dude so I missed out on SF2 and SFA and SF3 and found out about a character after all the discovering was done in those games so this is all really cool to me.

And he’s the best dressed SF character of all time. Suspenders and a bowtie? Driving with boxing gloves on? Talk about style.

Old timer returning, and rusty as heck, new to this now
How many Lag Switchers Have You Fought?

I also am too young to have caught all the older SF’s in their heyday, but I love Dudley, and have ever since I scooped up Anniversary Collection when it was first released. He’s too classy.


I had rented 3rd Strike from Blockbuster when I bought my Dreamcast Sonic Adventure bundle. I loved the different characters.
Then the Anniversary Collection came out and I picked it up. Played the game to death vs the CPU. I liked using Akuma and Dudley even though I wasn’t really doing anything with them lol. Then I decided to check out SF videos on the internet and came across Fujiwara’s Dudley and then I tried to do those thing in training mode.

Anyone who said SF3 wasn’t casual friendly is lying imo. I liked fighters and I had fun with it when I was scrubby and, unless I don’t understand the meaning of casual friendly games, SF3 wasn’t any less casual friendly than any other SF game at the time.


No, not it wasn’t. The idea of parry, to a lot of people, equals that it is much harder to play because you have to use parry. Truth be told, it’s not so hard to do, and it’s just another trumped up part of the SF3 “Myth”.

I’m scrubby as fuck and I love SF3 Ryu. IMO, Dudley is almost exactly as he was in 3rd strike, 'cept now he has a worse, and no parry to help him against pokes…but it’s all good, he’s still the man.


I never played any street fighter game except for Dreamcast and 3rd Strike. I was mostly into Super Mario until I finally got my Xbox 360 almost two years ago, and finally played Halo, CoD: World at War, and then Street Fighter IV. I didn’t know how to play Street Fighter IV competitively until about a few months before of Super. So, TBH I have little experience in Street Fighter but I am quite good at the game and progressing and hopefully if I do earn enough money to travel, I can go to any tournament to test my skills, meet some people to casual with, and train more with Dudley.


Good Idea making a social thread Mr X yup yup.

Someone up for some XBL I only use Dudley or seth if you’re too free.


Yeah, I can’t travel to my local scene, so that’s definitely my hurdle, competitiveness-wise. I’m a crazy online warrior though XD


I don’t focus too much online, I try to go to training and get my execution on lock so, and play footsies with the dummy to see how I should space myself against Rose, Ryu, Balrog, etc. That’s how I try to get better on my own until I can find a time to go to a local tourney to test myself. Also, ThirtyFour, add me on XbLive we can have some matches.


With school starting up, I’m afraid my Dudley is going to get neglected, which upsets me because i feel i play him rather effectively to begin with…Weekends it is then…



good website for dudley info.

I really liked the part where if you fight a charge character, and you EX MGB him in the corner, finish the combo with ducking lk, then before opponent lands, do ducking lk to cross him up, making him lose his charge time, and you can go with a overhead, or to start another mix up.

the positive thing about that is that he loses charge, so you shouldnt be worried about eating a special on his wakeup.

the negative is that your giving up the corner and switching sides.


^ This could prove most useful ^

Thanks for it!


I like you, allow me to buy you a pint.

I couldn’t get into SF3, was too “hard” for me but then again so were all the other SF games until SF4. Since I’ve got “moderately okay” at SF4 I’ve been able to play Alpha 3 better (no point me playing SF3 since my favourite SF3 characters are in SSF4 now :P). Though I did enjoy the parrying in SF3, even though I was crap at it the Sean mini-game was kinda fun :slight_smile:

Being an English gentleman I can relate to Dudley (though I wasn’t born of high class), I usually hate the posh “Queen’s English” stereotyping but this time it actually fits the character. I want to see a top hat and monocle for Dudley, just to push the stereotype even further :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad most charge characters reversal involves a down charge…


Hey, noob here, how can I see the page and its content, since i dont read nor speak japanese at all.

On the topic at hand I played very little of SF after SF2 on SNES i was more of a SNK player on arcades, loved KOF until 98 after that, well KOF got FUBAR, so i dont play it anymore, played a little of SF3s on PS2, but really got involved with SF4, in vanilla i didnt like any character really until dudley came up on the roster for super, so im trying to develope the character to its full.

By the way kudos for the creation of this social thread Mr. X.

C ya laterz.


Just started to get my Dudley on about a week ago. So I’ll be visiting here often. I actually ran into two Dudley people I’ve seen from here in ranked heh. Mellow (i think) and liira? Well anyway, lookin forward to bein a fellow gentlemen with y’all :slight_smile:


My internet browser (chrome) gives me an uption to translate text into english.


Going to my first tourney tomorrow (if it doesnt rain like last week)
All Dudley
Might win it since Brooklyn has two big tourneys on the same day lol.
Hope I dont fight any Elfs…


Good luck, Thirtyfour! Do you know if there will be any footage of the tournament matches or videos of your matches?


Good luck dude! And boooooo to Elfs :frowning:


Hey good luck man. I am going to On Blast 4 tournament tomorrow in Brooklyn.
What are the other two tournaments in Brooklyn? I don’t see them in tournaments section.