Yea, buddy! I got my Wacom today

I’ve been fooling with this thing for about 5 hrs and I managed to do this WIP of Remy. Is there a better way to blend colors other than Smudging?

Oooh you got a tablet now. Like i said before use the brush tool and alt it down.

This is how the blend technique works. The key to making a picture looks solid is to have brushwork. The more you blend the flatter your pic will look. I mean you can blend your work to hell, but have some structure to it.

Example of how the blend trick works with the brush tool. Top sections shows that if you dont put 2 tones down the color will get greyed out. second sections shows that if you lay 2 tones down it will have a better fade and you color wont get greyed out so much.

congrats deon!!

mine should be coming in soon, im still waiting for it to come to my house, what kind did u get?

i got a 4x5 graphire3 i really wanted a 6x8 but i kept loosing the bids and it was too much for my spending limit, but im sure 4x5 is good enough

what’s this alt thing? looks cool sfmc… i need to re read ur tutorial again :smiley:

Thanks SFMC, i’ll have to try that out

I got a Graphire 1 4x5, I thought it was going to be too small but I never ran off the board. Im loving this thing.