Yeah boi the KFC double down is going nation wide


in 9 days. I, for one, never got to try it back when it was in “beta” and will gladly snag one the first chance I get. :pray:


Deviljin is going to freaking lose it.


Man this NEEDS to get released in England as well, looks amazing.


… yep this is what i thought it was, god help us lol… and i am totally going to try it, i mean how can i not?


Looks like an excuse to cut back on bread costs to me. Why can’t they just put the chicken and other stuff in between two slices of bread rather than putting it in a bag?


that is the most vile looking peice of fast food i have ever seen.


And I will break my 12-13-year KFC fast to try it.


aaaaaaaaah its finally here!! i printed a picture of it and had it in my cubicle at work for awhile. when my friend called local kfc’s asking about it no one had even heard of it. this is awesome news!


I went to every local KFC trying to find this wonderful thing but none had even heard of it. I live in the south, we should have had this shit going years ago.


Fantastic. I too went on the quest for the mythical beast but failed like so many others. . .

The quest begins anew! April 12th!


Not a big fried chicken fan. Also not wanting transfat/hydrogenated oils, if they happen to be there.


He needs to break out the chicken on chicken avatar again :rofl:


You stupid. Why you so stupid? What strange twist of logic did you have that would lead you to believe that the cost of bread would be greater than the cost of chicken?

Can a nigga grow a chicken? If I could grow a chicken right now I would never go hungry.


It’s… beautiful…


If cholesterol was like Gearscore in Wow this shit would be BiS


inhales deeply




I lol’d and I don’t know why.


KFC has been trans fat free (at least as far as FDA standards allow) for a while.


I want it. I want it bad.


Your insurance premium triples when you buy one. Healthcare Reform was actually just done in preparation for the Double Down.