"&^*% yeah I'm back, baby" Duke Nukem Forever thread (Release date 10-14th of June)

Everybody rumored.
Nobody believed.
…but you see

I hope it doesn’t play like ass.

I hope it doesn’t play like ass.

I hope it doesn’t play like ass.

Its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum.

It doesn’t play like ass. It’s been played multiple times by the public and responses have been unanimously positive, though to varying degrees.

My bro played it recently at The Gadget Show Live and now he can’t wait for it. My bro is a COD/Battlefield enthusiast so he plays a lot of FPS, and he also said that DNF plays nothing like those games.

The health system is not regenerative. You only begin to regenerate health after getting down to about 20% health or lower, and your health only regenerates up to about 20%.

You have to actively find ways to heal the rest of that back up either by exploring the level to perform ego boosting tasks such as lifting weights, admiring yourself in the mirror or other things, and there’s also speculation that you gain a small amount of health every time you kill an enemy.

Also, the 2 weapon limit isn’t so bad because DN3D had about 10 weapons in total which you could carry simultaneously. In DNF, you can carry 2 guns, 2 explosives (5 pipe-bombs and 5 laser trip-mines) and you have a melee attack that you can access at all times. That’s 5 weapons that you can carry simultaneously. So the 2 weapon limit is slightly misleading.

Also, the multiplayer uses Quake-style weapon spawning. Not classes. Immediately, for this reason alone, the game is good.

I’m excited for this! I told people it the day would come eventually!

so new rapture date is June 9th?

There is no way that this game is coming out before the end of the world.

Don’t know if I want to get this or not.

I remember seeing the old/original Duke Nukem trailer about 7 months ago, and almost shit myself on how fuckin’ crazy the game looked. I never understood the hype about Duke Forever until I saw that trailer, and if that trailer can surprise me now, I can only imagine the hype it got 10 years ago (which is shows, obviously).

Watching the new trailer for the up and coming game, I was not impressed at all.
If the title “Duke Nukem” was not on the game, I would’ve looked passed this trailer like if it was nothing more than a generic FPS.

Who knows, the game is right around the corner, so I’ll see what people’s gotta say about this game :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing a lot of Duke 3D lately and aside from the humor and funky weapons I think what made that game great was the stellar level design, genuine challenge, and loads of cool features. It ramped up everything Doom II did and took the genre into the next generation (this was back when having a jump button was a big deal) with things like environment interaction, more range of movement, and better camera control while still being true to the old school shooter formula. If Duke Forever can match all this in terms of innovation while still feeling like a classic shooter, then… well, even if it was one of the best games ever I’m not sure if 15 years was worth the wait… but the hype will have been mostly justified. Go Duke!

Sequels just aren’t special anymore.
I mean, I bet it will be fun, but a year later, people are probably going to be playing modern warfare 3.5

My Duke Nukem thread got purged with the upgrade(I used that thread as a knowledge repository for myself):frowning:

Shit’s cool though… hope I can find something that I found very important which was an interview from the original creator that said the game is “95% of what we intended to create” while expressing bitterness about it being outsourced to gearbox… having tons of trouble finding it…

Game is going to be fucking boss…

I heard the game has regenerating health? Fuck out of here with that shit.


In all the old Duke Nukem games, 20 percent was just enough to get your ass handed to your repeatedly… health will be just as important as ever…

Much like Duke Nukem, your thread still lives!

The search function doesn’t seem to pick up old threads (or maybe I’m doing something wrong), but if you dig through the pages yourself you can can find em.


Thanks alot…


Gotta keep an eye out for this to get a glimpse of multiplayer… seems that gameplay vids from live shows get pulled down with the quickness unless they are widespread on the internet…

“Power armor is for pussies”

EDIT: Some of the links in the old thread went mysteriously missing, Tizoc’s looks more organized anyway, so this one is official…
“I thought Duke Nukem never came early”(goddamn I miss that laughing smiley)
Actual size of Duke Nukem "bust"

Balls of steel seems to be ripoff… I’d encourage buying standard edition…

Isn’t the Balls of Steel version getting some DLC? Something called the Ego Boost DLC. I got from Wikipedia.

Game will be delayed because Duke is so manly, the playtesters turned gay for him.

After the announcement in 1997? It’s about time!

Lies. This game has not gone gold and it is never coming out.


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the shirking level reminds me of the OLD ASS UT Mods where you would fight in a kitchen or a house

Gamespot is honoring the ooooooold pre orders lol


Duke Nukem MP impression…

Too bad I couldn’t find any MP footage from that event that was supposed to be happening in Cali…


This is a roundup of all MP footage so far…