Yeah i'm here again

…i want to change the artwork of my other stick:
from this

to this:

but i feel that something is missing…any help? :woot:

(i know that2 characters will be covered by the stick but i dont care ^^)

Not so keen on the think black border and the film strips, everything else looks pretty cool. Good job :tup:

side note Do you know you got 3 white strips at the top, and 4 strips at the bottom, was that intentional?

i know that there 3 on the top and 4 on the bottom but if you take a look at the 4 at the bottom u ll see that the one missingis because it goes out of the artwork window ^^ but i think i ll delete it anyway
about the film strips…it’s from the American WH2 flyer ( The Arcade Flyer Archive - Video Game Flyers: World Heroes 2, ADK (Alpha Denshi) ) ^^

edit: deleted the one strip at the bottom

People know you prefer SNK when you don’t bother to color code the 2 extra buttons lol.

Pimpin stick man.

beside that, i just have 2 extra white buttons and they match perfectly with the background eheh

I like it. There is some the white space on the right that would be tempting to fill but sometimes less is more. I think you’ve got it.

i tried another way:

but still… the white space on the right… damn dunno what should i do with that :confused: …as well as the transiction from the background on the left to the white one on the right… any suggestion?

well this is the best i can do and i think i 'm gonna for it: