Yeah, we upgraded

Some small things are broken…they’ll get fixed eventually :smiley:

layout looks sleeker, sort of, but it doesnt feel right having to scroll down to reach the other topics… the sizes dont scale… I liked that more compact look it once had…

Nice upgrade :slight_smile:

Hooray for vb3! I have some custom addons and stuff ready to go (eg; galaga shields, miscellaneous added-in user options) for vb3 if you want them. Just send me a PM or message cka on IRC.

edit - in fact I’m pretty proficient with vB3 all-around, from running it at TNL for the past year or so. If you need my help on anything vb-related don’t hesitate to ask.

Everything looks good so far. I’m guessing you guys are fixing the premium stuff now.

Looks nice, I like the new templates.

Edit: I miss the forum jump tool, that used to be convenient.

Odd, but still nice looking :slight_smile:

i like it its new :smiley: the postings cool too

looks nice :slight_smile: good job on it

Changing my avatar seems like it’s going to be a challenge…


Try to get rid of the white pixels around the smileys. :confused: :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool: :slight_smile: :rolleyes:

well well well…
just yesterday I was struggling with this site… suddenly… as if being engulfed in magical light… it reawakens as its stronger self…

…or not= (:p)

I like the new ‘edit’ ‘reply’ and ‘quote’ tabs!!

My Avatar won’t work anymore :depress:

Oh yeah, I’m glad we can finally see what the first post says by hovering over the thread title.


Looks nice.

Grand indeed.

Looks good so far… :smiley:

the forum jump tool would still be helpful :stuck_out_tongue:
i like the quick reply though :smiley:

Hmmm…looks good I guess, I’ll eventually get used to it.

I’m not digging those ‘quote, reply, new thread’ buttons.

EDIT: We have to scroll all the way down to do forum jump. :frowning: