Year old SE stick -> Brand new TE stick = decrease in performance?

I’m beginning to wonder what actually makes one stick “better” than the other. On my old ass SE stick when I do qcf + three kicks ex messiah comes out, every single time. I suspect that sometimes when I do ex-messiah I’m BARELY pressing foward, but it detects that I’m pressing forward anyway. On the TE stick it’s like if I don’t have forward in the EXACT position it should be in it won’t register. Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Like I guess for some people they’d want a stick that wouldn’t detect anything unless it’s very deliberately a input, but I’m definitely not one of those people. What should I do? Is there anyway to make the stick more sensitive?

the TE sticks have a bit more play then regular JLF (i.e. i just swapped my T.E. for my HRAP3’s).
you can either get used to it or pay a dollar for an ls-33 spring and use it in conjunction for the extra tension.

there’s other things you can do too like stretch out the spring, but i’m still fairly new to fighting sticks. someone else will have to fill you in.

What do you mean by ‘a bit more play’; the TE sticks are JLFs as well…?

the TE jlf’s feel like they have a weaker spring.
i’ve tested this with like 3 TE’s vs. me and my friend’s hori’s.

last night i swapped my springs and the hori’s spring was significantly stiffer. It shot out, while the T.E’s spring kind of inched itself out.

VS which Hori sticks? Only the “SA” versions of HRAPs have JLFs. You may just be comparing completely different sticks.

^No. The common HRAP have JLF’s.

HRAP1, 2, 3, licensed, EX, SA have JLF’s.

Only HRAP2/3 SE, EX-SE has a LS-32-01 stock.

Not just SA variants of HRAP.
But also regular HRAP have JLF.

Only HRAP without JLF are the SE variants, and the Mushihime-sama Futari.

my hrap3 and my friend’s hrap3-sa

I can definitely say that the buttons are better quality than the SE, but I still don’t get what makes a stick better quality. On the TE if I’m not inputting my inputs exactly, they won’t register, but shouldn’t that be a characteristic of a low quality stick? If you have to make sure your inputs are PERFECT for them to register?

Learn to be precise, it’ll be better for you in the long run.

I find the SE stick to be clunky as fuck with it’s large deadzone and cheap microswitches compared to the JLF but it is still decent. The SE buttons on the other hand are complete crap and prone to fail so the difference in quality between them and Sanwa buttons are a lot more apparent.

Like d3v said, learn to be more precise. I had the false assumption that the JLF was going to be a lot better and easier to use than the stock stick I was using in my Mayflash stick, a knockoff of a Hori stick, before I had modded it, but I quickly learned that I just had to keep practicing.

Well, the OP can always swap in the stick from a TvC FightStick if he likes the feel of the SE. However, with that stick actually using quality Omron microswitches, it’s probably going to require the same amount of precision as a JLF.

LS-56+Octagonal gate=sexy time.