"Yee haw!"


So, how often do you use these predefined chat texts?

I think it’s pretty dull to never use them, and instead being either the driver or the surfer in this picture when you reach the rematch menu:

The game is afterall a form of communication - and chatting a few simple lines in good humor is often a lot easier than actually playing the same, so why not do both [from time to time], and simultaneously practice “good communication”? Because actually playing the game with a positive mindset works actually much better than the mindset of “Okay, back to menu - press press press press press press READY!! - okay, here we go again…” :slight_smile:

I thought the “smiley face communcation” in vanilla SFIV was pretty fun, and thought it was a shame that they took a step back in that regard with the later iterations of SFIV, but I think V has done a very good job with it.

What do you think? “Talking” - yay or nay?


I use them because I think too that it’s nicer to communicate a little with your opponent instead of just entering a lobby, fighting and then leaving, but many people don’t seem to wanna use them, PS4 players in particular.
I’d like to have more predefined messages that make sense though, like things about the actual game instead of “it’s hot outside” or “devour-our-our”.


I think it makes for a hilarious conversation sometimes with just those limited predefined messages, though =)

Following those messages, we are either overly polite (“Thanks for everything!”) or rambling lunatics (“It’s hot outside”), but in any case, I’m really enjoying it :slight_smile:

I agree with what you said - thinking of it like a place where we meet actual people, and not just a piece of software “with “people” in it”, it should be just natural to speak to whoever you’re playing with, at least a few words like “Hi!” and “Gotta go - good bye!” :slight_smile:

It makes for a much better experience for yourself and everyone involved.


Can’t chat in 2016.
Looking forward to the next game with that revolutionary feature called “chatbox” invigorating the fighting game genre.


I just want there to be a way to chat on PC. Presently, I have look up the opponents steam ID number, go to a website to find out which user that is, send that user a friend request, and then if they accept it we can chat. I’m guessing on PSN you can just hit the home button and message the user directly from there.


I’m sorry, but what exactly is this supposed to mean?

I’m guessing you’re not dilly-dally over SFV? :wink:



The guy in that picture is wearing a life vest and holding a rope. Therefore, he is not surfing.


Your avatar is a much better illustration - I stand corrected!


I mean I get that this is Capcom’s way of preventing the cancer and salt you’d get in an actual chat, but sometimes these preset messages just can’t convey what you want to tell your opponent(s)


I kind of agree that there should’ve been an option to just type out our own messages, but at the same time, then choosing one of the numerous preset messages would just feel like spam. Like “Uh-huh, dude didn’t even bother to write his own messages!” :wink:

I think getting access to writing our own messages to “friends”, would’ve been a nice addition to all of this :slight_smile:


It’s a joke of a system and I get frustrated just thinking about it. I thought it was cumbersome in SF4 when you had to add someone as a friend on steam to chat, but SFV somehow managed to even take a step back from that. Unless I’m missing something, there’s no easy way to add someone through CFN, even less straight from the lobby like in 4. Can’t say that I’ve really bothered either, it feels like my friendlist completely came to a halt with the release of SFV, so it seems no one else is bothering either. Street Fighter is by far the most anti-social multiplayer game I have played.

I feel like some retard who can’t convey anything through words when I scroll through the list and try to find something close to what I want to say. Perhaps if they added some more premade messages about desync it’d be more useful. To think that they even spent 1 second on this instead of making a simple chat is just mind blowing.

Yes, I’m mad…


Or, in SFV language: “It’s raining.:slight_smile: