Yellow Cyclone vids

I was posting in a Maki thread but since I’m not talking about Maki, I was spamming and should just make a new thread instead.

Good LORD… That Chang beatdown was disgusting. The best part was it was high level play and not some scrub doing dash, RC spin ball all day either. C-Chang knew that at max range d.MK, his level 2 super wouldn’t combo so he used his level 3 for max punishment. I also like how he covered the horrible frame disadvantage he gets on his s.MP attack by throwing Choi out first. He’s mixing up which way P-groove needs to parry by mixing up the standing medium attacks and the slide.

-call off the wall choi, s.MP, choi hits, d.HP xx dp choi, walk up d.MK, dash forward command grab

The Geese combo video is the sickest.
Did you guys know he can combo another run off his running jabs? I didn’t know that. The guy’s doing s.LK xx Raging Storm like he’s playing EO groove too. :wow:

Whoever’s reading this, don’t wait! Go get the vids now before they’re taken down/rotated out.

Anybody have the videos I don’t have btw? “cvs2deftech.lzh”, “cvs2050628-digest.lzh”, “”, “”

the chang/maki link is down.

Looks like the Geese vid is already down. kcxj, could you do me a favor and reupload it on or something similar please?
I got the deftech and the digest vid, gonna upload them later and post the link here.

edit: I already uploaded the vids I had:

Wow, thanks for the upload. You didn’t have to do that but you did, and I really appriciate it. I’d love to return the favor, but I need to leave for work soon and upload on dial-up is too slow. I asked my friend to upload for me and he’s doing it right now. I’ll be sure upload as soon as I get home if my friend didn’t post a link yet though.

edit: N-Geese video

Thx a lot, sick combos in this vid, I really liked the combo against Dhalsim in the end and the running jabs in the beginning.

i can never get rapid share to work… is there some kinda trick to it?

hit the free button wait till allows you to dl at the bottom (usually 28 seconds)
then when it becomes a hyperlink …click it!

Oh wow, that defensive techniques video is really awesome. It’s an abosolute must download for any Sagat player. I was in the middle of making a video like that myself actually, but it looks like Yellow Cyclone beat me to it and the content he has is even better. I had no idea you could escape Raiden’s 50/50 guess with that jump back, JD technique he used. Who ever would of figured that K-Sagat’s defense > C-Sagat’s defense? :rofl:

Anybody who hasn’t gotten the vid yet, go go!

is the video the same as the ?
if not please upload the “cvs2geesecombos” vid to Rapid Share :tup:
Nice video finds btw :karate:

Edit: The Vids are the Same I’m assuming… I had trouble DLing the Rapid share vid. I just left clicked it this time instead of Right-clicking and it worked.
That’s some Hot Geese action right there! :clap:

funny i dont get a counter or a hyper link… :tdown:

edit: and immediately after i tried again, i did get the counter/hyperlink. however it seems the rapid share site all this time kept thinking i was downloading 2 files or something so i always got the text that says “your ip is already downloading blah blah” thanks for the help.

whats all this rapid share business?

if somebody wants to send me the vids Ill host em on my site.

cool videos…i like the one with ken doing dps+towrads+roundhouse across the screen. Something new for me to try out :tup:

What video are you talking about? Is there a new one?

Yo, Akuma deep s.LK, walk forward, Raging Demon. :badboy:

in the geese vid,like vs. vice

is it just me-or do i see a bunch of fireballs flying?

i think thats more tech throw glitch action, though im not entirely sure.

There’s a .IZH file (another extension for .rar file) on the site. It has a bunch of videos, one showing a zangeif custom, some glitches, a todo blocked cc’s custom that takes you across the screen and a blocked custom with ken cancelling his dp’s with towards+roundhouse to make him do psuedo shosho full screen. I’ve actually tried doing that a while back but never thought it could work, but i guess it’s just my execution :xeye: . Now that i see it’s possible, it looks like i have something new to practice

yea the Geese vid has all those fireball glitchy looking things…that freak me out

the guard crush customs are done on P groove, the groove with the shittiest guard bar, and a groove with no AC, bear that in mind.

nevertheless, they are cool as shit.