Yellow Namco Stick

Hi guys i was looking to pick up one of those old PS1 yellow namco sticks. i was wondering if the buttons and stick were jacked up if they were easy to replace them. if so what buttons and stick would fit? Also, if i got one in very nice condition would i even need to modd it or are they good stock? Thanks a million guys.

oh thanks for the link. anyone know if they are good stock?

They are very good stock if they work. They were one of the best stock sticks ever.

I have one. It is very nice. I got it for $20NZ (about $15US).

I refuse to mod it though, because I don’t want to have to either hack up a JLF or cut a hole in the bottom panel. It’s good enough as stock until I get my custom going…

I have one. Paid $40 on ebay for it. It was in amazing condition upon arrival. I don’t plan on modding mine, either. It’s in too good of a condition.

Interesting thing is that I got mine expecting to have to mod it, since the seller said “one of the buttons sticks, I don’t remember which one”.

Yet I have never had a problem with it. The thing is nigh-indestructible.

EDIT: Actually I do have a problem using it on my modded PS2. It jumps all the time for no apparent reason. Works perfectly through an adapter into my PC though, and since my main game is MBAC, I’m fine with that.

Best stock stick ever. No mods needed. I only modded one of mines because I thought it would be a cool project to do.

Esker, your jumping problem sounds just like the problem I had with Skisonic’s Namco, I ended up replacing the PCB with a PS1 PCB.

I agree, if it works don’t mod it.
It really is a pain to mod this stick due to the height (nothing fitts).

I bought one with a broken joystick (and no shaft). I changed the stick to a LS-32, but even after grinding down the shaft on the ls-32 the box wouldn’t close (removed the plastic and drilled holes and mounted it to the topplate) I had to space up the bottom of the stick, made it look wierd, and the ls-32 was abit tall for me to like.

I also discovered the buttons was bad, the micros engaged at differently, also the pcb had lag issues with my xbox adapter.

In end i modded it with a seimitsu ls-33 (have a temporary adapterplate made for it to fit ls-32 holepattern) and i also put in seimitsu screw-in buttons and a ps1 ds pcb.

Now i just need to make a better adapterplate and also make a custom squaregate to reduce the throw (this stick got fast engage but too much throw for my liking) and maybe even change the spring

If I’m gonna mod it at all, I may as well go the whole distance. Though I’d probably leave the stock stick. I don’t like holes.

is this stock good leaving it stock ? or is the stock better modded ? i wanna leave the stock stock if i can, but a modded stock stock is stock…

If there is any stick to leave as stock, this is it.

It’s s shame they don’t make quality stock joysticks like this anymore.

Yeah they do. The VSHG and HRAP series are better (HRAP you have to swap the buttons but that only takes like 5 minutes)

I meant without using Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. Plus, as much as I love the HRAP series, you still gotta mod them in the end. The VSHG has VF style button placement and 3 button inputs don’t work as well.

While I agree this stick feels very nice on stock I don’t look back at it after I got my HRAP + Sanwa parts.
If you have the skills to mod it without messing it up, by all means go for it.(I don’t, thats why I bought a RAP :stuck_out_tongue: )