Yenox Hole Plugs do they work on TE sticks

I cant stand the 8 buttons and also cant stand holes in my Te stick , Do the Yenox Hole Plugs work on the TE sticks…Want a 6 button stick like i used to play when i was a kid in the ARCADE:badboy:

Dunno about Yenox, but Sanwa makes 30mm plugs that fit the TE perfectly.

Yup 8 button layouts suck! Want to be able to place my fingers over the buttons and never have to look at them again, to be 100% sure of proper hand placement.

With 8 buttons however, and in the heat of battle, that shit aint going to fly. Besides, the majority of fighters only need 6 And from my experience the few that do require more are usually stuff like DBZ and MK titles. In which case those aren’t worth taking seriously enough to bother with stick, a pad will do.

Thanks for the heads up i shop at lizardlick and will have to see if they have any or ill have to shop around if the Yenox dont fit

Yea most games like tekken or most other games A xbox 360 or ps3 analog stick works fine…and blaze is only 4 like you said.

i grew up with 6 buttons and keep hitting the other wothless ones…20 years of 6 and all of a sudden they throw 8 in there!!!

Luckily its easy enough to just open the case, disconnect, remove, and plug the holes after.

Plugs aren’t expensive either, mainly its the waiting for them to arrive…

The Yenox fit. They’re screw-ins but they have little notches that fit for 30mm holes.