Yes, I spam wall dives/Barcelona



I hate to admit it, but I do. I have gotten very good at positioning because of this. A lot of the time I empty wall dive just to get a reaction from my opponent. I hear a lot about how unsafe/scrubby flying Barcelona is, but I love the freedom of moving anywhere on the screen and escaping pressure. The only opponents that I wont is Blanka (up ball) and Guile (airthrow). Are there any other wall dive/Barcelona spammers out there?


Against a Vega aswell? How about Cammy?



This is a no-no against Dudley, too. You’ll eat Machinegun blow into combo.


palm is forever imprinted on mask


Mindlessly spamming wall dives is a no-no against the whole cast.


Spamming probably is, using them wisely isn’t.
The walldive is an insanely complex tool of Vega’s because of the sheer amount of controlling options that you have. Escaping walldives for a lot of characters becomes dependent of when you leave the wall, when you press your punch button, what walldive height you used and how you steered. You can mix and match them all up, so your opponent will almost never have an universal option to counter it.
I remember laxlight talking about a Vega player (besides Hakaba Poemer) that plays like this. I’ve never seen it for myself though.

Also, fucking lol at all those guys up there shaking their heads. In this game you should do whatever works for you. If you’re winning your games by walldiving, so be it. There’s nothing shameful, scandalous or scrubby about it.
If you’re doing something for a reason and because you know it works, then that is better than simply copying a move of some pro player, knowing that it’s somehow “right” and going for it.


I was in your same position a few months ago, I stopped because people eventually caught onto my master plan. Now I just use spam it if I know my opponent gets confused easily.

Edit: if it works, it works; but I learned quickly that the higher level play you participate in, the less BS they let you get away with.


qft :rock:


You’re right Sasaki, but couldn’t you imagine a scenario where this guy could be playing against total beginners/scrubs? And hasn’t been punished for well, an ill advised tactic. Not FBA spamming, but spamming in general, you’ll get read and ‘‘lit up’’ xD . It’d be wrong of us to tell him that ish is gonna work against better players, because well if it did we’d be doing it.

Now if he’s not interested in leveling up, by all means; FBA until you grow some wings bud.


If he plays and wins against scrubs, so be it. Good for him, no?
If he gets his ass beaten by good players repeadetly he will understand sooner or later that his strategy sucks, am I right?

Like I said, the walldive is a lot more complex than you think it is. Plus, it’s even more multifarious, now that we have different walldive heights. And especially with all those posts here on SRK dictating how someone “should” play and how he “shouldn’t” play I wouldn’t be surprised if there hasn’t been a single person who has attempted to master this yet. That, aside the fact that there aren’t that many Vega players to begin with…


like sasaki said walldives are an enigma

use them at your own leisure. sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. it largely depends on the player.

personally, i find them much less effective than they used to be. partly because i am simply opting for safer methods of dealing damage, like the safe jump setups after an EX FBA instead of vortex (unless they’re in the corner) but i’ve never had a problem with wall dive spam. you can make it work.

The thing with this move is it is beaten by everything and beats everything. you just have to know what they’re going to do to counter and make do with the tools vega has while in the air.


That’s my point, why would we stunt his progression on the fundamentals of the game? Spamming anything against anyone who is worth a shit won’t get you anywhere, especially when it’s a move with as many variables as the FBA. He can go ahead, but imho he won’t get far while using it as a crutch.

Good point, like i said more power to him but if he does in fact do this but if it’s ‘‘spamming’’ then it’s a crutch and having ONE crutch is pretty ridiculous with 34 other characters in the game.

This reeks of laziness.


well OP can do empty wall dives all he wants to build meter. Just watchout for certain characters who can punish a full screen empty wall jump like bison(U2), ryu(U1), seth(U1), dhalsim(cr.hp), akuma(U1), honda(headbutt), blanka(ball), gouken(u2), vega(u1), hmmmm who else…


no one is stunting his progression. he openly admits that it works. in fact it doesnt matter how much good or bad advice you get. it doesnt matter if you dont know how to implement it. good advice may seem like bad advice because its not working for you, but at the same time good advice can really be bad advice because we at the moment might not know better. i mean its not like when he plays we are holding his hands making him play bad on purpose.


Yo BTW guys, I ACTUALLY grabbed a Blanka out of lightning the other day. Like, not even during his startup, but as he was sitting there doing lightning, I did an izuna to get him out of it. I shit brix.


you didnt know that? thats how i practice doing the izuna. grabbing blanka of elec.


I was under the impression that we’re here to help one another. He may say it works for him but there’s very little evidence that would indicate that spamming FBA all over the screen actually works against good players and I like to think that we’re all here to level up.

And yes we are stunting his progress, he could be learning the foundation of Vega’s game. Us steering him to try something totally unproven in this game is not responsible imo.& I love FBA but I know if I throw around excessive FBAs i’m getting my ass stomped. Does anyone outside of the OP have a different experience to share?


No, I knew it could work, just have never gotten it. Granted, I never use FBA against Blanka anyway and recounting it I have no idea why I did in this situation, but hey, it worked for once. Now I can say I’ve grabbed Blanka out of both up ball and electricity =)


Think of it this way. If any Vega should ever feel ashamed of spamming wall dives, then Daigo should feel ashamed of “spamming” fireballs. It’s called zoning. If the opponent has no answer to it, and it works for you, spam away. But eventually, you’ll come across that Sakura, who can just c.HP your ass out the air, like a bird being hit with a slingshot, and you’ll have to think of something else.


I’ve only Izuna’d Blanka out of ball and U1. I’ve even Izuna’s Akuma out of U1 Raging Demon. :slight_smile: But what are some tips on hitting ground Izuna’s more often?