"Yes Miss Tron!" The Tron Bonne Okizeme/Mixup/Reset Thread



I decided to make this thread since this topic tends to come up a lot in the general thead. Discuss and share setups here! Ill start by compiling setups I’ve already seen around here. Ill credit your post, if I forget, feel free to remind me!



Hard Knockdown:


Combos ending in the Corner:
[Dash back > Servbot Launcher M]
1.They Roll Neutral/Back

  • Servbot lands on their head and they cant jump out giving you a chance to go low/high/grab
    2.They Roll out of corner:
    -Fortunately, you have time to catch the roll even after launching a Servbot. More guessing but you can go high/low/grab on their wakeup, less coverage however since Servbot is obviously not covering you. You can walk back and forth on the spot where they will roll to make it more ambigious (A la Vampire Savior mixups).


On a character coming out:
[They Land > Low]
[They Land > Grab/Command Grab]
[Super Jump IAD j.H for cross up overhead]
[Dash Under Low]
[Dash Under Grab]
[Dash Under > IAD j.H Back to same side for cross up]
[Dash > Ambigious 5H (Cross up or Same Side)]
[Beacon Bomb H]

  1. If it hits the incoming Character > Combo
    2.Incoming Character Blocks:
    -Go for Low when they land (Acts as trip guard as well)
    -Grab/Command Grab them when they land
    -Instant Overhead (if their hitbox allows it) when they land
    3.Incoming Characters Blocks AND Pushblocks:
    -Dash Up Throw (Guard Breaks)

Team Setups:

[Beacon Bomb H > King Servbot > DHC to Devil Trigger > Teleport (Crosses up) > Go for High/Low if it doesnt hit since Servbot is keeping them in blockstun]

[After a character kill in the corner, pop off a a few M-Servbots (meaty), and immediately activate King Kobun. Let the hyper run until the kobun will grow by itself, then DHC into a whiffed super, vanilla dhc-trick style. Call overhead or low hitting assist for a guaranteed unblockable. (I whiff with Deadpool’s cutting time, and call X-23’s assist).]


Magnetic Shockwave > DHC to King Servbot > X-Factor > Tag Magneto back in > Call Wesker Assist + Magneto Overhead > Unblockable]
-Dritzz Do-urden

[Call Strange (Eye of Agomotto)–> Servebot Gun–> King Servebot–> Call Frank (Shopping Cart) --> high/low.]



High/Low/Cross Up/Unblockable:

[IAD j.H (Blocked) > Call Low Hitting Assist (ex. Rolling Buckler) > IAD j.H > Unblockable]
[Call Multi-Hitting Assist (ex. Jam Session) on standing opponent > Fuzzy j.M > j.S]
[6M > Jump > IAD j.H (Crossup)]

Grab/Tick Throws:
[IAD j.L > Whiff j.H > Land > Throw]
[covered by a assist cr.L kara H, command throw is pretty good. If you do l.mixer it works even on hit.]
[5L/2M > wait > Command Grab]

Frame Traps:
[Drill > Slight Pause > ShakeDown Mixer]
[Blockstring > 6H (+1 on block) > 5L (7 frame startup, frame trap if opponent cant punish in 1-6 Frames)]
[Blockstring > 2H (+4 on block) > 5L (7 frame startup, frame trap if opponent cant punish in 1-3 frames)]

NOTE: Obviously you dont always have to press 5L, go with whatever you feel is best based on the distance and what your opponent is going to do.





From Beacon Bomb:
1.[Tag in another Character and use an anti-air command grab (ex. Frank Funny Face)]
2.[Jab > Airgrab the tech]
3.[Wait for Captured frames to end > Dash under low/Cross up overhead/Same side Low/Grab]





Feel free to post after this one.


I play Tron/Frank/Strange and it has some dastardly stuff. For one, I really like abusing the Tron/EoA stuff on incomming.

On incomming, I call Strange for his EoA and her servebot gun to force them to block. Afterwards, I use King Servebot. The EoA keeps them in blockstun long enough that the Servebot comes out. Afterward, depending on how they’re blocking, I call Frank RIGHT afterward and either go high or low.

It’s really dastardly and maintains pressure. Basically it’s Call Strange–> Servebot Gun–> King Servebot–> Call Frank–> high/low.



This counts, ya?


Sure does, I was about to add some Grapple resets to the OP anyway, Good stuff!


mixup/oki - covered by a assist cr.L kara H, command throw is pretty good. If you do l.mixer it works even on hit.


Oh that works with cr.L too? Now that I think of it, its probably even better than st.L since cr.L has a weird effect where some hits cant be pushblocked properly. Ill add it to the list.


I have a question: I have footage from a set I ran against Joker and Tron’s Air.l/Cr.l always seems to trip him up (actually, I have footage of this happening to several people). I just want to know, what exactly is happening that my opponents find so “gimmicky” or “impossible to block”? The attack in question happens at 18:15.

P.S. Ignore how I not only screwed up a perfect, but the entire match.

EDIT: It also happens here (at 5:36), but I’m not sure if the Hawkeye assist had something to do with it? Maybe it’s just poor blocking? [media=youtube]FJr18RIqK0I[/media]


Well in the case of Joker, he doesnt block much to begin with.

… Okay im joking. But essentially Trons 2L is 6 hits, and Tron’s j.L x 2 is 6 hits total as well. Essentially if your opponent tries to switch block state anywhere during those normals theyll get hit since theyre not blocking 2L low or j.L high. Most people dont know that it hits that many times so they might carelessly return to neutral block, even if for only a second.

In the first video what Joker likely tried to do was to switch block state from High to Low to get ready for your next block string. However he did so too early and ended up getting hit by the third hit of the second j.L. Same thing in second video.

I get away with this too sometimes, in other games as well lol. Have you ever air dashed at someone in an Arc System fighter and did like 10 j.As after an IAD and the last one randomly hit because the opponent tried to block low? Its hilariousss.


Thanks for clarifying this! I got away with murder that whole night and every night since it seems. Haha.
So Hawkeye’s arrows in the second video aren’t doing much then, right?

As a Taokaka player, I can confirm this.


I have been doing a corner reset for awhile now<div><br></div><div>end corner combo with jumping S to beacon bomb and do another jumping S</div><div><br></div><div>Option select the the roll (2 attacks when the character begins their roll) to a Low L if they try to jump or command grab if they bitch up</div><div><br></div><div>the option select dash can be tricky to time but it makes you look psychic when you get it down its quite nice</div>