Yes! New Balrog rap ft.Chun-Li!?


i hear dudley is coming for him.

Im just kicking it like Chun Li

this guy is my hero :rofl:

oh my goodness!!

Capcom needs to give that guy a job!!

That was great man.

:tup: nice.

i want that song so i can kick it like chun li yup yup



i like me some gigaton punch !

Anyone know where to get the Mp3 for it?

dont think the second song got released in mp3 form yet.

yup yup yup yup yup


I’m not even gonna front, I did that shit. And don’t act like ya’ll didn’t do it either. LoL

I got it. I can’t up it at work though.

not as great as Gigaton but i liked the concept.

i think the beat hurts the song the most. i’d rather he’d just used the same beat from gigaton, or just used a better beat.

i need to email him so i can donate some beats or somethin’.

his free mixtape is right here:

see for yourself.

wha? I was diggin the beat foremost. Kinda laid back/nostalgic vibe to it.

you know madd rap people would start rediculously hating on a reused beat…you know this man.

it’d be hip-hop is dead all over again.

I liked the beat. His serious stuff however…

Heh, Good stuff…yup yup yup

yup,yup very nice:china:

that would be epic in the next song.