Yes you can play a Sega Saturn controller on an xbox 360 HERE'S HOW



I purchased a max shooter adapter(85 shipped all over e-bay)) for 360 that has a ps2 controller port built on it and turbo on every button. Later found a sega saturn ps2 controller around the net for another (71 shipped). Total investment 156 bucks and worth every penny. I would have given twistedsynph triple that but this will do just fine. Yes it’s wired AND NO LAG but if you’re really a complete loser and care about stuff like wireless then read something else. It requires a wired xbox 360 controller to bypass the controller encryption so that the 360 thinks it’s still an xbox controller. Plug it in and away you go. Finally I can punish those geeks that took advantage of me on HD remix and SFIV :evil: . WORKS FLAWLESSLY!!!

Oh about those saturn ps2 pads they are also includded in the ps2 darkstalkers collection and comes in a purple morrigan pad like so.

I also remember seeing a black version of this controller on play asia either way with a little effort you can have your Sega Saturn cake and eat it too. Take care! SEGA SATURN D-PAD FOR LIFE!!!



Hardcore!!! For the amount you’ve spent you could have gotten a good stick for 360, but to each his own I suppose. :wow:


I’m curious if this works with the USB Saturn pads that are being sold on ebay. I doubt it though.


I did the stick thing for many years(I’m 36 now) and just grew apart from them since you pretty much need to have spare parts on stand by. I just got sick of the down time involved with sticks and perfer the plug and play of a controller. Fuck mad catz and the crap they’ve been selling to people.


Nope been there done that. MS uses a binary code that checks for the real deal. Unless someone manages to rewrite the firmware in a sega sat USB pad then I wish you the best.


Where did you find the PS2 Saturn pad?


They randomly show up on ebay but got mine through a friend that had one for sale but it was his only one. They are officially made by sega for the ps2. Took me a few days but they’ll come around. Seen some on e-bay go for 50-150.


that adapter lags alot with some pcbs. i guess you lucked out when u hooked a saturn pad to it. good shit man.


proof that converter is lag free? for those with a little soldering skills it’s a lot better just buy a regular original saturn controller for cheap and mod it to accept project boxes. there’s no question about lag and you can make it compatible with any console.


yes the saturn pcb is very mickey mouse and quite hackable that is why this set up works :lovin: I know this adapter is crap when peeps are trying to use their sticks on it but that won’t be me:wink:. The sega saturn ps2 pad was little stiff being brand new(not that some breaking in wouldn’t fix that after a day of playing or two) and I remembered my old saturn pad downstairs in the basement. I opened both pads and the insides are identical so I swapped my d-pads and voila…works just like my old faithful saturn pad.


Please show me how it’s done on a 360 and I’ll give you my car, my house and my life savings to get you started so we can mass produce them. Do you really think after you purchase resistors, circuit boards and a couple of controllers(need to sacrifice a couple to get it right) that you’ll be that financially ahead. The only lag I suffer is from peeps in texas and uk as I live in Canada.



wow that’s a lot of scratch to spend on a pad setup. it’s ridiculous how much the saturn pads are marked up on ebay right now. They probably cost like 2 bucks to make.


this gentleman did it from scratch and it’s wireless and he still spent over 300 bucks in pcb’s, resistors, you name it.
If it were that easy EVERYONE WOULD DO IT! Took the fella over 2.5 months to get it right.


Hah, it’s kind of eerie how closely the Saturn pad matches the 360 controller’s colour scheme. :smile:


u can do it with 1 controller 1 circuit board, some basic electronic supplies and time. i mean… u could just take the saturn pcb and strip it.(all chips off) then solder wires to the traces and run them out to a box with the 360 controller in it. not that hard…


EDIT: found the thread cause I’m that good:
and it doesn’t require anything fancy. just drilling shit on the PCB and removing the IC.

also by lag I mean input lag from the converter. do you have proof that it’s actually lagless or does it just “feel” lagless to you? there’s a big difference.

EDIT2: more stuff from fallback


patiently waits for link…

I’m not here to give you a hard time and I believe you but I’m no techo no savy guy. I mean the most I could do was repair my old stick till I gave it away. This was way easier for me.


anyone know if that converter is lag free with ps2 hrap pcb?


Thanks for this post. Before anyone rips into him for the 360 converter, it’s a Max Shooter instead of the crappy XFPS we all know and hate.

The Max Shooter is a cloned copy of the XFPS from Mayflash, which makes a ton of reputable converters. It supposedly works much better than the XFPS. Tolkien, here’s a guy using it on a HRAP.

Putting that Saturn to 360 controller together is still on my big stupid todo list. I have everything ready to go on it thanks to Fallback.

Oh, and I’d pay $70 for one of those pads without hesitation. :smile:


I wouldn’t pay this much for a pad set up when i could get a HRAP EX or MC TE for $150 or less. Just a personal preference…