I ordered wings and fries, they forgot the fries, I called like the white whiney bastard that I am to complain about my lack of fries, then discovered she charged me for an extra pound of wings as well. So unhappy SoVi3t was unhappy, and then BAM. She offered to give me my complete order again for free, on top of the 2 pounds of wings and other goodies that I had ordered. OMFG so many mother fucking wings!!!

ps - she got my wing sauces wrong but I didn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise because FREE MOTHER FUCKING WINGS AND SHITS!!!


Also my bag of gravy says this, and it confuses me:

wtf does the 96 stand for?


Shoot some over here, a niggas broke and hungry :frowning:


Thought you was eating wings… Wth you need gravy for?


You know that SRK is 90% black right? Horde at your door in a minute.


You should jack off on the wings. It would allow you to celebrate and solve your gravy shortage at the same time.


I wonder if they did anything to your wings



damb im jealous


Let him live the dream.


for the onion rings, duh


Order 96 maybe.


This one time, I jacked off and it was great. I will most likely do it again.


fat people get excited about the dumbest shit


pfft im more athletic than 90% of srk and id be excited for this.


dipped in special dicc sauce :bawling:


Nigga I ain’t fat and I be ECSTATIC when my food is at the door.


You go to places that serve gravy in bags? What kind of podunk joint is this?

And 96 obviously means she’ll never 69 with you. Roll over.


what fuckin weaboo that clicked wtf named himself sesshomaru. lmfao


You did the right thing sharing this information