Yesterday I Had The Greatest Time Using Blanka

I was playing endless battle and was using Blanka. To my luck, the room was filled with Ryu’s and a couple of Ken. I ran through them and was 2 wins away from the 10 win streak trophy. So someone thought it was good to counter pick into Cammy. It worked and I loss (it was a close match however). I got a couple of F#$% BLANKA and someone on the Bluetooth said “I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE BLANKAAAAAAAAAA!!!” It validated my choice for using Blanka as my main. Just thought I’d share this with you guys.


Good job. Try playing against a Ryu/Ken that know the matchup or even worse, a Guile.
Booga Booga!

Focus attack works great against Cammy’s spiral arrow from any distance except absolutely right next you, a free hit every time, if you time it right. It’s really not hard for me to time it right at all, maybe I have fast reflexes, idk. They really like to spam that move over and over again. As soon as you see her do it hold a focus attack until the first part of her spiral arrow hits and immediately let go. Other than that she has nothing dangerous against Blanka he can’t counter effectively with is regular moves. If she does the downward spiral thing up ball for trade or clean hit with EX usually. Then block any of those uppercut kick and up ball to punish. …not really worth going for mix-ups against her on wake-up because those uppercut kicks beat most of what you have. I usually just try to bait the cannon spike on wake-up and punish it while it’s in the air, or you can use electricity. If they don’t do that they only other thing they usually do is mash the grab buttons. :confused: Not sure why I have to be on the defensive so much in this game after I just scored a knockdown. This game rewards whoever is getting punished more or playing scared, it seems to give them a comeback opportunity even if they haven’t done anything to deserve that opportunity, meh.

For some odd reason I thought Cannon Drill was an armor break move (bad scouting on my part) I can play a little more carefree then

This is so true. Whenever I turtle a lot (w/o having an out or answers) bad things happen to me. So I keep forcing myself to keep moving unless the situation permits me to be still (a la Vega matchups). This has also forced me to think faster about choices and mixups. So I feel myself getting better overall. Although I looked on the top 100 Blanka list Globally… I have a long way to go to crack it. I’m only 3.5k BP. Ugh

Nope, her spin knuckle is her armor breaking move. Some of the spiral kicks hit twice, that’s why you have to release it after the first hit/whenever she makes contact with you and you’re using the focus attack. You also don’t want to do it if she’s too close because she can follow it up quickly with a cannon spike at that range, unless you have godlike reflexes it isn’t worth the risk at point blank range. You can also focus attack the EX version no problem. Basically, by doing this you’ve taken away one of her long range tools from her, which is only fair because she can punish the hell out of Blanaka’s balls. …makes Cammy a little less spamy.