Yet another arcade Guilty Gear on the way

Loke tests for Guilty Gear: Accent (Ascent?) Core running in Japan at Club Sega from 8/26 through 8/27. Voices said to have all been re-recorded, gameplay change details still forthcoming.

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Mmm I’m interested to see some media of this when it comes out. But why are they trying to rebalance XX again? I guess they weren’t to happy with Slash, but you might as well make then next game in the series.

I agree. It seems too early. Some of the changes sound dumb. Like every character having an uppercut.

they should put assists in it

GG marvel style would he awesome

Man have any of you played the GBA version of GGX? It had a tag mode which was cool. Basically you can switch to another character on the fly at the cost of half your tension. It was sick! Try it.

They really should make this, seriously. It kind of makes me sad, no other game has really put emphasis on the team dynamic since mvc2. There is so much potential there.

I think I did but I didn’t know there was a tag mode. IIRC the GBA version was pretty crappy unless there was another one I didn’t know about. Regarless I might try it out to see the mechanics of that sometime, thanks.

When #Reload came out I told myself, “I hope they don’t turn this into Street Fighter” but that’s exactly what they’re doing. I love the hell outta Guilty Gear but it’d be nice if they were working towards an actual sequel and not just shitting out one little revision after another everytime someone at Arc Systems gets a new idea

Even if they made it as like a side-mode in a console release it would be sick as hell.

this is a brand new game. not a sequel. for reals.

regardless if i will like the new game or not, i’m glad because trying to stretch the ggx system even more would be like beating a dead horse.

“-Uppercuts added to all of the characters.”

lol even more alike all the sf2 upgrades - this is like ssf2 to ssf2t

Everyone gets uppercuts?


That is never going to happen, from arcs point of view why bother, your still going to play it anyway.

This has come out too soon and pretty much kills playing slash anymore.

Arcs are actually worse than capcom when it comes to redoing stuff.

Also dont forget they probably got FOTNS 2 in the works or some update version.

just because a new game is out does not mean you have to play it. kof mi2 is going to be a new game but no one is going to play that in a tourny… sadly…



i hope this game doesnt replace Slash:sad:

people the guy said he misread the thing about everybody having uppercuts

He corrected it by saying “all uppercuts have been balanced out”

I’m not sure about IK meaning Instant Kill or Instant knockdown (hoping for the latter), but it would seem retarded to make this like HnK. All SF2s had death combos but nobody complains about those…

People stop bitching about getting a update too soon or whatever. Be happy that some company is acutally still focusing on 2d fighters, because they can just be like capcom and stop making them because there isn’t a big profit in them. I don’t play GG as much as SF and i’m not really that good in GG to begin with, but i will support sammy/arc if they port this GGXX: AC to console or if we get it in our arcade (doubtful).

Well they said Raven’s in it. Hopefully Fannie and the Man will be in it too.

Fannie would be awesome.

Would also like to see Solaria.

Can’t wait to see how Raven plays.

No doubt they immediately began reworking the series when they realized Holy Order Sol was trash tier.