Yet Another Avatar Request


Alright, seeing as I’ve just ordered the Premium Member deal, I’d like to request an avatar.

If anyone would be willing, I would like a premium sized avatar ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) with Yang (from 3S).
As far as animation goes, I don’t mind either, though I would prefer animated. If it’s too much trouble, non-animated is just fine too :smiley:
If you have any issues with color scheme, I guess something that matches his colors (they do differ, depending on the sprite) would be lovely.
Text: My username

If that’s a tad confusing, let me know and I’ll re-edit it.

helpful link?

wats up guys can cum1 make me an avatar ive been trying to make one myseof or fnd one with no luck… if n e 1 can id appreciate it storm and spiral in front with cable and tron. on one side and akuma and cammy on the other… jus a thought… n e variations with jus storm cable will do thanx a lot guys



Alright so I finally got around to becoming a premium member. Anyone mind doing me up my first prem-avatar? Please?

Note to all av requesters:

If you want people to make you an avatar, never say that you’ll give the artist free creative reign… Instead, be very specific on what character(s) you want/like, whether you want your name on it, animated or non-animated, etc. Av-makers want the requester to be happy with the av, and if you don’t give specific details on what you want, than they will think there is a higher chance that the requester will be displeased with the finished piece. (going back to make any revisions on avs are a bitch)

Yeah, I suppose you’re right, though the whole free reign thing has worked in the past and I’ve had a couple of really good avatars because of it.

But hmm, let’s see. I’ll just edit my initial post with the changes to the request and see if that’ll turn up anything.

And one last bump before bed.

Is the request not specific enough or do I just suck at this? Do I have to offer anything in return?


I got this one. Say hi to Harmonaz from me while you’re in London if you manage too hook up with him for some 3s.

It will be a non animated prem size Yang av with your name on it in some random colors if you don’t mind

:lovin: Sounds just fine
Thanks, man.

Use it if you like it:
Looks great, man. Thanks a lot!