Yet another led stick mod question


Sorry in advance I am new and hope I’m putting this in the right spot.
I have searched the threads quite a bit and found a lot of useful info on how to do the fgwidget mod, but had a few questions I can’t seem to find the answers to.
I don’t know much about soldering but have a few friends I think can help me out. After studying the threads it doesn’t seem to complex and I even found some great diagrams. However a few things seem vague to my ignorant mind :b I have a fgwidget on the way as well as 8 knserts v1.4 and clear sanwas arrived today. I have a ps3 mvc2 te stick. I’m not gonna try to light the stick just the 8 buttons.

  1. (Just to clarify) I am under the impression ALL knsert v1.4 have vcc and gnd swapped by mistake. I’m hoping to find out if this is true so I can make sure my friend knows when soldering

  2. I see the different vcc on buttons ie jab, fierce, etc are wired to different spots. Are all the grounds wired together and then soldered to the exact same spot? It seems like that is what people meant but I’m not too familiar with the lingo.

  3. can You secure or fasten the fgwidget board somehow after completion, or are people just cramming it. In there and closing the lid? Cause just imagining a board floating around in their seems like trouble waiting to happen to me. Also if so what is the most viable place or way to screw it in or secure it.

  4. Sometimes I see on people’s modded sticks emblems or icons on buttons that light up. I was thinking it might be nice to do x square, triangle, and circle. How are people doing this is there a template? They don’t look drawn on I figured maybe they were printed and put inside the button or maybe decals.

  5. Lastly this one is dumb cause I’m pretty sure I already know the answer but I’m kinda paranoid lol and might as well double check. Mvc2 and 3 use a different system then sfiv. So technically Jab and fierce are the same but then it is different ie heavy being where forward kick is and l1 r1 being partner buttons.
    …but that being said I figure logically it should be wired exactly the same. My thought being even though the inputs are called different things the 8 button layout is the same.
    (I’m pretty sure I’m right here I just wanted to make sure if I fallow the wiring schematic correctly it won’t remap my default buttons) I figure if I just follow the directions and pretend I’m playing sf controls when the fgwidget is in configuration mode all will be fine :slight_smile:

    Everything else seems pretty self explanatory
    This is my first stick and my first not just simple click-in mod so I want to do it right of course.
    I apologize again if I’m rehashing old topics I did search around a lot trying not to have to make a new thread:) I’m looking foreward to joining this awesome community thanks for your time :slight_smile:


KNserts v1.4, all are switched, yes.

All the Ground together, yes.

Secure the FGWidget, yes.

Art inside Buttons.
Inlay inside Buttons.
Decals inside Buttons.

Layout Button is the same, yes.


1 check with toodles
2 all grounds are connected each input is separate to each button so when pressed it lights up
3 there are many ways to do this 3m zip tie fasteners!B8jPvugBWk~%24(KGrHqR,!lkEy%252BjCyLTeBM3(8jT7Kg~~0_35.JPG&w=300&h=285&ei=CNXWTpLAL4jn0QGx2MWCAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=619&vpy=140&dur=113&hovh=219&hovw=230&tx=118&ty=119&sig=108334047378445107453&page=1&tbnh=142&tbnw=142&start=0&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:0
4 arcade forge has inserts with punch and kick symbols other than that most make them in Photoshop and have them printed
5 Toodles always goes with SF layout so it will corresponds with SF not marvel


Thanks guys didn’t expect answers so quick :smiley:


Here’s another question for you guys. I can’t figure out how to post images cause I’m connected to here through my phone and not my a computer and file hosting sucks for ihphone.

Anyway I was looking over the directions here and needed clarification (How to)SSF4 TE'S xbox360 Toodles FGWidget LED mod

Now this link is for the 360 sfiv te and mines a ps3 mvc2 te so I’m guessing there just a little different. However my problem is if you look at the 4th pic down on the link it shows the pcb and redwire spot for vcc/power with 5v mark next to it.

Funny thing is my stick doesn’t have a board that looks anything like that. Mine red wire goes into a smaller board jutting out from under the block where the ps3 home button and turbo are located. It is much smaller and when flipped over the connections and chips look way simpler also it only has one cable connected which goes to the joystick. While the pcb in the link seem like it had many cables.

There are only two boards in my stick that and the terminal block so I’m assuming it’s the same deal.
There is a marked spot by the red wire that says gnd and USB so I figure even though it’s different looking that’s the spot I want. Can anyone confirm the ps3 version is like this? And really I mean it thank you for your help so far guys I really appreciate it


Same thing.
That is USB cable.

Red is +5V.


I ended up having to do this all myself and with a little practice I think I did okay assembling my widget gonna do the knserts next so if I want to connect all the buttons to the same ground do I just twist the stranded wires all together the solder em? Or do you think I’d be better of just soldering them to seperate grounds on the terminal block?


I usually bundle them at different points I hate to have one location for a ground looks like shit I don’t personally use terminal blocks their not very sleek and too big

what pcb are you using?


Thanks for the reply I’m not used to such an an active forum as this place lol. I’m learning as I go as far as I know I’m just using the pcb that the buttons go to( on the bottom)and then I’m gonna connect the vcc/power into the pcb on top by the USB. I think the one on bottom has a whole row just for ground. I had put in clear snap on 30mm the other day, and somehow when removing them to wire I broke the snap tab on one. so I ordered another. I figured it would be hard to replace Once wired and I might as well do it right. I also thInk I’m gonna wrap the regular button wires seperatly and out of the way. Figured I’d slide em into a heat shrink tube and zip tie it or something. I just wired up all my knserts To get them ready and thought it would be a good Idea to test em to see if they work. So I get the “bright” idea to touch a 9v bat to the solder points on one and damn near blind myself lol at least I know they work ;b I was just calling the pcb on the bottom the terminal block cause I thought someone called it that in another post. Sorry guess I was mistaken I have literally no experience with this. On the plus side if I’m successful then anyone can do this mod haha


Okay so just plugged it in and mostly everything works great :slight_smile: but I dont have enough knowledge to troubleshoot :frowning:
All the buttons light up and config mode works all the buttons work in game but one thing seems not right. The 4k button (r2)
Doesn’t light up all the time. It lights up every time I press it but only briefly I set it to 8 button mode in config and cylon mode lights every button in a cascading flashing except that one.why would it light up when pressed but otherwise be ignored? Does that mean all the connections on the led are good but maybe that particular button is connected well enough to the widget? I mean I guess that would make sense but I don’t wanna re solder unless I have too. It was a pain fitting all those wires in my case lol. You guys have been so great thanks for all your help even if it’s not perfect I feel accomplished:) if anyone knows where I should look to fix 4k let me know thanks!


Never mind I fixed it :slight_smile: I Checked all my connections and that didn’t change a thing my wires are kinda long so there’s not a lot of real estate in there. I noticed when I pulled everything closer and moved the LEDs it would work. After a little tidying everything worked fine although I did solder the connections again just in case :slight_smile: thanks so much for all your help guys!! Hey if I can make this anyone can!! And thanks so much toodles for the awesome setup :wink: