Yet another link question


I come from a pretty strong Melty Blood and BlazBlue background, though I’ve dabbled in countless other fighting games, though not to tournament/ranbat level. As a result, my reaction speed/oki/zoning/footsies/situational awareness are decent, and my execution is good-- or so I thought.

I started SSF4AE with Ibuki. Kunai setups, Target Combo 4>Neckbreaker, Kazegiri>FADC on block, even TC4>SJC>Ultra2 all are at 100% execution level.

However, I can’t seem to get the c.LK>c.LP link consistently. At most, it’s about 10%, but watching a beginner Ibuki video, I heard that this link was at one point even harder than it was in AE. I feel like the limit of my execution decreases drastically with buffer window, so I wanted to know which character would fit me best.

Again, sorry for being yet another scrub complaining about links. For now, I’ll just stick to Guile and block>Flash Kick. =D


c. lk to c.lp is a pretty tight link. I guess the best thing you can do is grind it out in training room. If you find it too hard, try c.lpx2 to st. mk cancel into neckbreaker. If that one is still hard for you, try far st.lp to a very easy link. Once you get comfortable with your links, move on to the harder ones and keep practicing. I used to be spoiled on the easiness of target combos that I suck at doing links. I still drop them from time to time, but I’m getting better.


=OOOOO I CAN DO LINKS!!! c.lpx2 Neckbreaker is a go. Wow, I feel less terrible about myself. =D Thanks a bunch.

I just ran two matches and on two instances had the issue of someone guessing direction properly, but high-blocking my c.lp…

Alright, back to Training Room, I guess it’s just another few days of grinding it out. Thanks again!

#4 into cr.lp is an unplinkable 1f link. I think they made intentionally hard to nerf her ground x-up mixup game. You can get it consistently with enough practice but it’s not something I would rely on as a beginner Ibuki player. Your best bet is to try to land it as a late meaty so that it becomes a 2f link. Alternatively, if your name is Sako you can just abare it straight into a combo.

#5 ~ st.lp is a 2-frame link I believe, much easier to land. If I were you, I would stick with the extremely basic Ibuki combos and especially her hit confirm combos, which are pretty easy to do.

My suggestion would be to check out the Ibuki sub-forum section. There’s a LOT a LOT a LOT of good info there, and many helpful players that can answer your questions both general and specific.


>>ilitirit: Hahaha, coming from Melty Blood cr.LK>combo abare is the bare minimum of a player’s skill. Also, I can easily rewire my controller, so in your personal opinion would it be worth it to look into setting it up to allow for Slinking, or is it better to keep things as close to a real arcade machine as possible?

>>eltrouble: Ah, that’s true! st.lp has 3-frame startup. I’ll definitely look into the sub-forums!

Thank you both very much for your input!


AFAIK it’s not banned so you can rewire if you want to. I believe Daigo did it to his stick before last year’s EVO. IMO try to get the timing down manually first and then rewire before a tourney or whatever.


It’s not banned, so you can re-wire select to help you blink the jab links. I personally don’t do it, since I believe that the controller should be nothing more and nothing less than 6 buttons and an arcade stick.


Oni is banned at EVO I heard.


Are you trying to be clever?

Find the interview with him and Seth Killian where he said he modded his stick.


I’ve heard the accusation before but I was not aware Daigo himself actually confirmed this. I’ve been hearing about how “Daigo s-links his lps” for a good 3 years now, so I ask for forgiveness for not immediately trusting two posts on SRK forums to the contrary.


I have the same issue with this link. I don’t think I would use this link much during a fight because cr.lpx2>st.lp> is a ton easier, but it bugs me that I can’t do the challenge consistently. I’ve noticed it helps if you are slightly further away so that the knockback from puts ibuki in position for far cr.lp. I haven’t looked at the frame data but most of ibuki’s far normals have faster startup frames. Like St.lp> is much easier if you are doing far. st.lp. Like i said, haven’t looked at the frame data but it seems to work better this way.

I can do goddamn Dizzy’s TK Bubble loops in GGXX but I can’t link>cr.lp consistently. WTF?