Yet another mayflash mod



I have a crappy mayflash that I decided to clean the dust off of and dual mod into something actually worth more than a paperweight.

I intend to put a ps360+ in the stick, file the button holes for 30mm buttons, all the standard stuff.

My question is; is it possible to solder the old pcb so that I can use the top buttons on the mayflash (auto, clear, start, select) for a start select and guide button on my ps360?
Even though those buttons are mayflash buttons, it would save some cash filling the holes and drilling new holes for new start and select buttons, as well as purchasing the new buttons in general… And I like saving money. It’s why I have a mayflash, lol.

Thanks in advance for any info.


Yes it is possible, you have to solder directly to the traces, and in some places cut traces.


Yes it is. The daughter board for it should be here. I’m pretty sure they use the same daughterboard for the mayflash as the paewang


Mayflash sticks do not have a daughter board, the pcb under the 4 top buttons is the motherboard.

If it’s a pre-2009 release then you can just dual mod it to the PS360+, otherwise you will need to cut the traces.


How do I tell if my mayflash is pre-2009?


It should say the production year on the pcb itself.


The date on the stick is 2009-4-20.

Is there a place I can find relative instructions for where exactly im soldering and what im cutting?


Then you will need to cut the traces and solder two wires for each signal & GND point you want to hack.