Yet another plinking thread

Yes, I’m sorry for making this, but after playing SSF4 semi-frequently since release I’ve never been able to consistently do a plink input. I’m not talking about combo timing; I’m just talking about the plink itself. I’ve been putting this off but I think its about time to figure this out.

I searched everywhere and can’t really find an answer. All I’m trying to do is (for Guile) c. mp ~ c.lp. With my middle finger for strong and index finger for jab, should I quickly piano the inputs or should I place my middle finger slightly higher than the index and press straight down? I guess it doesn’t really matter because I’ve tried both and it only works 50% of the time at best. I also saw a post by Gilley (I think) which said that he used his ring finger for strong and his middle for jab, but sadly, this doesn’t work either.

Same thing goes with Bisons x 3. I read in some thread that I should plink this as well, but I can’t do ~ c.lp. Also, I always use my thumb for LK which makes the plink input exceedingly difficult for me, but using my index for LK and middle for jab doesn’t help either.

I’m just wondering if there’s anything that I can do to get better at this, as I can’t pull off tight links consistently enough to use them in a match.

Thank you for your advices

For Bison just learn the timing, you don’t need to plink that

For Guile the timing is tighter and might better be plinked. You can either piano or press them at the same time but with one finger starting higher than the other. Really, whichever way works best for you do that way. People do it all sorts of different ways with all sorts of fingers, it’s however it works best for you.

To get better at something you’re not very good at you have to do something called “practice” only through this “practicing” will you become better at things you are not good at (I think people have been doing this for sports and even every day things such as when they learning to drive for hundreds of years but, I’m not sure. Maybe someone can confirm this for me or not)

I spend an a lot of time in training mode practicing everything to improve my execution, and was just wondering if somebody had a similar experience. I noticed that most people don’t have trouble with the plink itself (as per the first plink thread), but I tried the input a LOT of times and it really wasn’t getting me anywhere. I do appreciate your advice, but the last segment of your post was rude and unnecessary, as I DO put a lot of time into training mode.

If you know how to do it but, you can’t do it every time then the only thing that is going to help you is practice.

If anything you’re probably not practicing you’re just doing it over and over. You need to isolate if you’re doing it too late or too early and make a concious effort to do it differently than you currently are.

If I’m having trouble doing a cancel from after jumping in I need to find out why it’s not coming out and make sure I’m doing it correctly, not just do it over and over anyway.

Maybe try the “hardcore” way of practicing where you try to get it 50 times in a row and if you mess up once you start the counter back over at zero.

You need to make sure you’re doing it right. Find out why it’s not working

Thank you for the advice, its just that your first post was pretty snide. I really have been trying to plink ~ c.lp for a long time. What you said makes perfect sense when applied to Bison’s BnB, and I do think that I could probably learn it with enough practice. However, as far as the plink input goes ( ~ c.lp), it seems as if everyone could do it with high consistency right off the bat. I don’t see ANY posts about not being able to pull off the plink input. Do people really practice the input itself? Everywhere I read, once people understood the concept, they pretty much started applying it right away. When I understood it, I couldn’t apply it to my comboes at all because the input was consistently wrong.

I’m going to go to training mode now and see if I can work this out.

that’s mostly because plinking is the exact same method as a kara throw, which has been around for years, just using 2 instead of 3 buttons.

I play Bison and don’t plink the

I used to play Guile and never needed to plink the Now I miss it all the time. Don’t know what happened but, I don’t really play him anymore so I don’t worry about it.

Because it’s all about timing it’s definitely possible to learn the input rather than plinking. The timing never changes, it’s learnable.

Yeah, I pretty much ruled out straight timing 1 frame links and tried to play around them with Guile, but it didn’t really work out too well. Anyways, considering how much time it’s going to take me to work out the kinks with Guile I might just focus on Dic for now. He’s much more fun, anyways.

You supposed to have Middle Finger slightly lower than Index Finger.
That is so you can hit the MP first.

Ah, I worded it wrong; I meant my index finger slightly higher than the middle.

When I plink I tend to hit the input a little harder than with a regular input. I also use more of my forearm and wrist as opposed to just pressing the button with my fingers.

During the plink I also tend to add more emphasis on the 2nd “hit”. I really dont know if any of this will help, but I can plink pretty much 100 percent of the time. I play Rufus and plinking is essential for his dive kick bnb. Good luck

Don’t worry plinking is a problem for many new players including myself. I have posted many times about it and still can’t do it. I still don’t even understand why it works or why it is easier then just timing the button press, infact ill do a post on it.