Yet Another Poll: Favourite SF II game

What is the best in the SF II series (not alpha/ex/III).

Is it the original World Warrior, CE, Turbo, Super SF II, Super II Turbo or Super II Hyper?

world warrior!

hyper fighting

polarity and sbw: I’ve just added the poll as well :slight_smile:

original is bad ass

The one’s without akuma

ST ftw.

hyper street fighter 2 comes close but they fucked up vega and sagat on the home port. heard they fixed it in the later revisions though but still, ST is my fav.

Definitely ST.

CE Bison rapes babies in his spare time.

ST, but still CE is a classic and fun to play these days.

ST, but HF is a close 2nd.

ST, but I like CE still.

ST, but i liked how HF did bring ppl from retirement

I think supers are stupid.

ST, but as others have said CE is still fun

SSFIIT simply had everything. All the new additions from the series were there. Though I know it had the same, I never really played HSFII:AE…

ST followed by CE. CE Bison’s Psycho Crusher’s actually does about the same damage when blocked or hit. :wow:

I’m partial to CE Turbo, only because on the SNES you can put in the code for 10 stars. That’s really, really fun.

Super Turbo

ST for the win.

Hyper fighting,

For many reasons. But one reason would have to be the air hurricane kick combo tomfoolery.

And it’s the game I played them most growing up. I loved how alot of players didn’t know about combos back then. “WTF I’m blocking but you keep hitting me you cheap bastard!!!”

goodtimes :slight_smile: