Yet another request from ol Dan?ny boy

Alright gents, it appears it’s that time again. I’ve got a few ideas in mind here for some animated 3s avs, but they might be kinda complicated. We’re talking animated skits here, people. Instead of just typing all of it out, I’m just going to test the waters and see if anyone is even up to the task, so if you feel like you could (I’m thinking the skit would be maybe 10-15 seconds long, involve 3 characters, etc.) please just post in here and I’ll PM you the details.

Just for offering your services by posting in this thread you will get pos-rep, and if you successful complete the av I will supply you with mansecks (note: may not be actual mansecks).

send me the pm,keep the mansecks though. x_x

prepares the tombstone for the avatar you’re currently wearing



Chibi, you know I love ya baby. This one is goin in my ‘rotation’ pile.

PM in transit Worth.

Alright gents, looks like Worth made a hot one…it just moves at the speed of light. Though I lessthanthree him, would any of you other folk like to give it a shot?

Edit: Oh, and I’ve got to spread more rep before I can pos-rep you guys, gimme a bit.

Why not just slow the .gif down if it’s moving too fast? Is that all you need done?

It would appear so, yes.

Send it to me, I can slow it down for you. Or just ask Worth to do it for you, it shouldn’t take long.

Artificial mansecks?

i’ll do it.i guess gimp set it to default anim speed after the save

i’ll post the fixed one although it’s still too big :stuck_out_tongue:

frames need to be cut or me with suitable edits Dan?

Worth, I love it man. It must be made smaller so I can begin rocking of said av that I love.

Also, SK, you know I only give other people the artificial mansecks. You get the real deal.

Damn right.

um so youre done?

No,i have to resize the av somehow to make it wearable,which is what i’m trying to do now

Hey [COLOR=“Cyan”]Worthless Scrub, check your Pm. I sent you a little tip that may help you in making the avatar fit without losing any of the quality… dood.[/COLOR]

fixed courtesy of yeah dood 120%

many props are due :tup:

so sean is the young version of Samuel L. Jackson? OH SHYT SON!!!

Sean on a Plane!!!

I lessthanthree Worth and Yeah Dood 120%.

…also shatta, it’s the Glow that gets me.


Yes. Yes very much good sir.

I save all my av’s people make, so once I get a good backstock I’ll probably start recycling.