Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Listen FGC!


Okay, for a couple of weeks, there’s been something on my mind.

When I was in 7th grade 5 years ago, an avid gamer by that point, me and my brothers owned the GBA game Konami Collector’s Series: Arcade Advanced. On that collection was a very special game called Yie Ar Kung-Fu. Many of you might recognize it as an XBLA title that totally flopped. The GBA version, however included a two-player versus mode(via link cable) where players could select from all of the characters in the game and duke it out.

This is by far one of the best fighting games I have played to this day. The tension, skill, and strategy involved was amazing. The problem I’m having is that this version of the game gets NO exposure. If the fighting game community was exposed to this game, it would be the hypest shit under the sun. Right now I am working on an indie-remake of that experience specifically for the fighting game community to enjoy. I really think this game can make it among the legends like Street Fighter and Dive Kick.

You can still experience the gba versus mode by using the VisualBoyAdvance VBA Link with the gba rom version of the game. I just wanted everyone to know what they were missing out on.



It was a compilation of inside jokes for the FGC and a youtuber fad at best. You really expect people to gather up with GBA’s and link cables in preparation for that new hot shit at EVO from back in the day? Aint happening. More importantly, you cant stream that shit, and also youd have to get a fuck ton of backlight accessories, and batteries. Make sure not to lose the Game Boy’s either.




The original DS is still easy to come by and can play GBA games. Can it’s wireless bypass the need for link cables?


Had it on cassette for the Acorn Electron back in the early 90s. Having to enter “*.” on a blank screen to run games and shit.


Nonono, of course not. That’s the whole reason the game went under the radar, there was no easy way to access it, and no other port of the game(surprisingly including the xbla version) contained the spectacular vs. mode. Hell, there’s probably like 10% of people who read this post who actually even considered downloading the vbalink. (also, whatchu talkin bout real game boys? I’m talking emulators, bruh)That’s the whole reason I’m making the game, so that people can have the experience the way we did. :slight_smile:


I remember that game in the late-80s was quite popular.
I remember almost anyone that had a cheap microcomputer, had that game.

I must have played it in the arcades too