Yikes! MvC2 vid - dood getting perfected in EVO pools

I am not the biggest MvC2 head, but I still know that this is bananas.

Video of some guy getting perfected in his pools.

Worth watching.


Fanatiq is too good!
If i ever lost like that,
I’d quit mvc2 forever.

Mos def team beast material !

link doesn’t work?



WTF was he playing with a playstation pad? that guys a beast automaticly then

is he using a macro for both punches? If you have to map macro’s in order to dash, you lose automatically.

Naw, I think the dood with the Macros is the guy that lost.


wtf I thought you can’t have multiple buttons programmed to one button.

AKA using a PS2 controller to have R2 button do two kick buttons.

  1. I don’t see macros being set, did i miss a part?
  2. Silent ness, you can set the buttons anyway you like in the options menu including PP/KK etc… what you cannot do is use your own macros or turbo buttons from outside the game.

Wrong. it’s the guy on player 2’s side, who got the perfect.

Yes, you missed the beginning. The match started out on the selection screen so he probably did it in options.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s button mapping. If you notice, he never uses assist 1 (guessing he made that his P+P button) and when his order gets fucked up (After DHC to storm) he never calls Psylocke because magneto is in the assist 2 spot and he only makes EM Disruptor calls.

Using a converter does not give a PS2 pad the ability to program macros. Even though the PS2 pad has more than 6 buttons, the converter only maps a total of 6 buttons to the PS2 pad. You still have the two punches, two kicks, and two assist buttons. The R1/R2 may be mapped to the R button of the dreamcast input and :1/L2 to the L button.

when fanatiq uses ps2 pad, he has 1 button dash and minus 1 assist. I think 1 button dash is hella cheap, but whatever works, afterall u do lose an assist. I hear he is pretty good without 1 button dash too.

No, you can still program two buttons to one of the buttons available. It’s exactly like I said, he changed assist 1 to be lp+hp. That’s pretty cheap as it removes a huge portion of the possibility for error in mags rushdown.

Even with Macros and auto block, still, a perfect is a perfect.

It’s not like he raped the dood 2-0.

true, but it is insanely hard to stop a near perfect mags rushdown, with psylocke also being his assist, where in the hell is he supposed to find openings, the minute mags pauses from rushdown, you got an bitchy ass psylocke coming out, IMO her assist is near invincible, you can barely hit her out of it and its hard to get around, if your already trapped in mags rushdown, the best you can do is predict it and try and DHC or something, which you wont get the chance to do because your in mags rushdown…

but then again, the dude that lost didnt even get to land chip damage or anything, so that is still embarrasing.

who the hell is money mike? some random scrub?

I loved the guy in the background.

“Money Mike!! Get this Money!!!”


In order to quiet people about this whole obd (one button dash) thing here are a few references as to why its not truly the dash that messes me up.

  1. In one section of the vid while I’m doing the rom, I try to squaredash on his sent, using the one button. It comes out as a fierce punch. Why? because the problem is based on timing not wheter or not two buttons are pressed at the same time. U can super jump and press down + both punches all day, but if you don’t wait 5 frames before u do it, it will come out as a fierce punch every time. One button or not.

  2. Me playing mike infinite on a mas stick.Note, I don’t miss a single dash on that whole video. Even while doing the tri-dash inf. w/ storm on his sent. After a match you see me wave dash at least 6 times over his dead body, no mistake. The tape cuts off there but I do do like 8. I don’t miss two buttons.

  3. IIDX vid played by fanatiq
    Thats me getting first place in the united states on Lab[a] on iidx. As you can see the game is mostly button presses, and like the few combo breaks I do get are on the scratches. I dont’ miss two buttons. I’ve full combo’d songs with much more button presses than that, and can do so on some of em with 1000+ notes in less than 3 minutes on a regular basis. BTW I use the EXACT SAME FINGERING on iidx, as I do in mvc2. i hit assist two with my pinky, (which would be like key 7 on iidx) I hit short with the side of my thumb (which would be like key 5 on iidx. I hit jab with my index which would be key 2 in iidx. Basically I’ve practiced this fingering forever.

  4. I play piano, and have played for 18.5 years. I play my own compositions (there were vids on srk a long time ago) and some of the great’s music. I’m not the greatest but I can play pretty well. So I’m very used to sliding my thumb under which is why I claw roundhouse with no problem (in xmvsf)

  5. I’ve perfected crizzle (top 8 this evolution) w/o one button dash, I’ve never lost to chunksta (2nd place at evo) in a money match (we’ve had quite a few) w/o one button dash. I beat Smooth viper (the dude who raped all of wc that one day) 3-1 which can also be downloaded here on a mas stick (even though I can’t play on those well at all. I played several money matches on stick and of them all I only lost one. So I’m not crutched by the obd. I just don’t like playing on console sticks. I’m more comfortable on a pad and if that means sacrificing an assist and making a dhc a big mistake so be it.