Yipes Tier List (X23)



Hey everyone. This was actually something I wanted to bring to the X23 forums sooner, a discussion about Yipes tier list and the placement of X23.


Much has already been debated in the tier thread outside the character sub-forums, but is it safe to say that Yipes may of found some super secret tech behind this reasoning? Yeah, I know these big names make these kinds of list and much speculation comes up from the unknowns, but who am I to doubt the great execution genius behind it all? As I mentioned in another thread, Yipes was (or may have planned) labbing X23 sometime back.


there seems to be this notion on these forums that x23 sucks. there was also a notion on these forums pre-release that ultimate morrigan was going to suck. -_- i attribute it to ppl just not seeing the obvious. x23 is a stronger character in ultimate vs vanilla and there’s a reason why her health was dropped from 880k to 830k.


X-23’s health was always 830K, there was a mistake in the official guide saying she had 880K.

I dunno about S-tier lol, but I really do think X-23’s strong, but overshadowed due to various reasons. I think it’s unlikely that Yipes has found anything new with her, if anything, he’s most likely going to apply advanced techniques that have been discovered, but don’t see a whole lot of use. With his execution and overall Marvel skills, he should be able to play X-23 well.

Aside from her issues, I believe the biggest issue is there are very little X-23 players around, and in terms of optimal play, she isn’t quite there yet(I apologise if this sounds rude.) Once X-23 players bring everything that’s been found together and apply it in matches, people might see her in a new light.

I think it’s only a matter of time before us X-23 players master her anyway. :smiley: Just keep up the faith.


X-23 sucking is just a rumor that people like to throw around. She’s the only character in the game that’s basically built to guard break you other than Firebrand. That alone is powerful.

People have been learning a lot of stuff about her lately like how to convert off super jump height and other important still for the meta. Her biggest problem really is that she can’t flood the screen with hit boxes and needs an assist to have threatning mix ups for when people are in the air. Her ground game is really slept on and L talon is still one of the most high priority, fastest travelling moves in the game and has a ton of applications in general. Kubo not surprisingly is the only mainstream X-23 player using her MFC game and it helps his conversions and pressure a lot.

Overshadowed is probably the best way to describe her but she is a fairly good character and is far from “ass” or “sucks”


Rah, Kubo’s using MFCs now???


Not like super heavily yet but I’ve seen him use it after his s.H’s enough to know that he’s doing it.


Hahaha. no.


By no are you referring to yourself?


Her ability to guard break and kill 2 characters free with xfactor 2 off a touch.


If that’s why Yipes is rating her so highly, then why would he put her on point?



I’m just happy that she finally got sort of what she has deserved based on all the other tier lists putting her at lowmid to mid tier. Every time Jwongs or Noels list came out and i saw them i was like “why X23 low bro?”


I never seen him use x-23 but if hes doing dante/x-23/strider that makes sense. If you ever land 3 meters you can hard tag her in for a dirtnap set-up when someone dies or set-up some tacs when the character is about to die.


Apparently, Yipes said she was gonna be on point, but if he’s going for that, then yeah, that would more sense(though I think Strider wouldn’t be an amazing choice in 3rd if X-23’s in 2nd for various reasons.) Yipe’ll probably exploit Dante’s Grapple to create strong resets and build the meter off reset kills, then tag in X-23.

Ankle Slice, unfortunately, can’t be used with Grapple for tight unblockables it seems due to its slow speed. People can press buttons and backdash to escape the unblockable attempts.


DJ (when he mained her), Trauma, Wandles, Luis and I all use MFC pretty regularly in our matches.