$yndicate/Empire Arcadia CTF Tournament Results

Let me just say that it was great that so many people came out today to have a good time. Now on to the tournament.

Mvc2, 29 entries

1st. Desmond"Xecutioner"Pinkney $yndicate/Empire
2nd. Sanford"Santhrax"Kelly Empire
3rd. Michael"Infinite"Williams $yndicate/Empire
4th. Shawn"Starbury"Morgan
5th. Josh"Wiganator"Wigfall
5th. Erik"Smoothviper
7th. Lincoln"DragonGod"
7th. Nestor"Sage"

Cvs2, 18 entries

1st. Arturo"Sabin"Sanchez
2nd. Sanford"Santhrax"Kelly
3rd. Jeron Grayson


-Xecutioner beating Santhrax in the finals 4-1
-Infinite versus Wigfall, easily the best match of the night
-Nestor showing the world ehy he is Sent unblockable master
-Lincoln beating Javier
-First game between Wigfall and Pungza
-DSP beating Infinite 1st to 10 for $50 then beating Matrix 1st to 5 for $25
-X beating DSP 1st to 5 for $25

All I gotta say is that CTF tournaments are offically back in full swing. Lets hope this keeps up for now on. BTW, the reason there is no Cvs2 highlights is because I didn’t watch any of the matches. Also, if people want this tournament on APEX post your full name and nick in here.

*Fullmetal Daywalker *

I’m not going to talk shit or rub in my victory, because Infinite is a really cool guy in person and the matches were close as all hell. Coming back from a 9-5 deficit to win, even I didn’t expect. But as I told you guys, when people talk shit, I get pissed off and I play better. If it weren’t for Infinite getting coaching from the ENTIRE Empire including Desmond, Matrix and TFGM himself, I probably wouldn’t have been motivated enough to come back like I did. I had nobody coaching me, because I refuse to. I’ll win on my own merits.

Don’t worry, vids will be up shortly on Top-Haters.com…ALL the
matches were captured, and also the Sanford vs Desmond matches that were also fucking awesome during the actual tournament.

I warned you all that I wasn’t just blowing steam online. After beating Infinite, I went on to beat Matrix 5-1, and then after ALL THAT back to back (over 90 minutes of straight games) I played Desmond and lost 5-3. Which I still think is pretty damn good considering I was tired as fuck at that point.

So, there are three things I want to say.

First, Desmond, I want a rematch A.S.A.P. Whether it’s for money or not and how much, we’ll decide.

Second, to all of you haters out there who thought I was just some no-skill asshole: FUCK YOU. This is just the icing on the cake. If I can almost beat the winner of the tournament in a set after playing for 90 minutes straight…we’re talking Desmond who beat Sanford TWICE to win the tournament… I think I’m damn well good enough to hang with any of the best players in the country. And rest assured, I’m eventually GOING to beat Desmond in a set. Because this is the Year of the Hater, and whether you like it or not, by the end of 2004 you’ll all learn to respect, or hate, the King of Hate.

And finally…
Mixup, get your fucking ass up here and I’ll show you what a real player is.

Top-Haters 2, Empire 0

Nuff’ said.


1st. Desmond"Xecutioner"Pinkney (mag/cable/sent(a),sent/storm/commando)
2nd. Sanford"Santhrax"Kelly (sent/storm/commando, mag/cable/sent(a), cable/sent/commando)
3rd. Michael"Infinite"Williams (mag/cable/sent(a), sent/storm/commando)
4th. Shawn"Starbury"Morgan (mag/cable/sent(a), sent/storm/commando, mss)
5th. Josh"Wiganator"Wigfall (mss(a) , msp)
5th. Erik"Smoothviper (cable/sent/commando, mag/cable/sent(a), sent/storm/commando)
7th. Lincoln"DragonGod" (mag/cable/sent(a),)
7th. Nestor"Sage" (sent/storm/commando, sent/cable/commando, mag/cable/sent(a)

tribute to team row:D now known as team mike:p

this tourny was crazy fun, mad good games played. good shit josh.
dsp nice win u got there, ill give u it since u did win fair and all, odds against u and all. well see what we can work out at the break jan 11. hope to see everyone there


Not much highlights in CvS2. Only one I can really think of was the match between Jeron and Nestor. Oh well

All in all shit was cool. X holding it down in Marvel. Even though only top 3 was posted for CvS, I am still glad because im 5th. Good shit overall.

EDIT: Gotta give a shout out to Licoln “Dragonstatus.” Good shit nigga. You were mad serious tonight to the point that you beat Javier 2-0. Good fucking shit.

I liked the match betwen Arturo & Jeron, those Blankas were crazy:eek:
Im Happy with what I did(except for that "not technically"OCV Sanford gave me:lol: ).

Good shit from everyone there, this was my first tournament, I guess I gained some experience at least :smiley:

good job mike:D

good shit

DSP you can’t keep doing that…you see…ok u beat mike and whoever for money…then you say you got all this skill…then you call out mixup…hypothetically what if mike comes up and takes ur money…then what…u blame the sticks…hibernate for a month come back and whatver…u shoulda just chilled and not said anything, but now ur just talking shit…i mean he could be like…howd u place in the tourney…anyways good shit…i had mad fun and hope to see everyone at the break on the 11th…

s. the collection

hey you did good man. you were that long haired guy right? I suck I was the tall chinese guy with the glasses with C groove. I lost to Biola first round oh well. Bison CC :mad: full Vega gone right there.

I’ll be the first to say good shit phil. I didn’t expect it, but good stuff. I mean beating michael. Beating random agent is a given. I guess you proved yourself and shut all the haters up.

Except you still haven’t beaten anyone from Florida…and stop denying that we played.

I had a great time yesterday everyone showed up and had a great time as well.

what teams were used in cvs2?


Will be goin to watch vids on Top Haters. Im reeling from the results. Shit had to be at its finest Good shit Des, good Shit Sanford. Damn tourney madness more often at CF makes me miss NYC very much.

Gj beating mike in a set once. What did you place?

I just think it’s funny, i pay little attention to you phil and you’re always calling me out on the forums like it’s gonna make ecc/evo come faster or somethin.

Just relax, you’ll get your chance

I’m not too sure but I think most of the time arturo was using C-Groove Sakura/Eagle/ R2 Blanka

All I was using was C-Groove Chun/Sagat/R2 Cammy and Ken/Sagat/R2 Cammy

i hade a lot of fun yesterday 2 bad i hade to go :bluu:

nice win des,and sanford 4 beating me your mag was 2 good:lol:

Good shit X, fucken monster beastin on the batches

4-1??? …FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :cool:

Sorry about that sanford. :o :lol:

Later for DSP… Shawn Morgan took heads… MY NIGGA!

oooooooooo tormented by the young cajun monjerywhen u coming back fool so u can get randomised