$yndicatePresents: CTF (MVC2)Tournament(05/14/05): The Unholy Trinity Results

ok im lazy so heres the results

1st-Sanford Kelly (sent/storm/commando)
2nd-Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner” (mag/cable/sent-a, storm/sent/cyke)
3rd-Michael Williams “Infinite” (mag/cable/sent-a, mss-a)
4th- Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” (mss-a, sent/storm/commando)

winners finals(desmond v. sanford) 3-0 sanford
loser finals (desmond v. michael) 3-1 desomnd
grand finals (desmond v sanford) 4-1 sanford
rahsaan is back in action and ready to take out whoever
nelson is on ther up and up
george is the truest iron man player out there
see yall at ecc

Good shit to everyone. Rahsaan coming back for that crackcom (I want a rematch at ECCX :devil: ) Eddie Lee entering waz cool. Good shit to George who peaced me out. Well congrats to top 3, im going to florida tomm but i’ll be back for ECCX so i’ll see you there! :tup:

org is back? =D

WOW! Org is back!?!?! :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

man and I woke up late to miss my fucking brother come back. That nigga Rahsaan.

Welcome back the $yndicate’s psycho, Young Paris Marriot! A.K.A. Rahsaan.

Unbelievable kid…

Damn, I missed the return of young paris

you and me both

wow good shit ORG IS BACK! yey. Good shit micheal. How make top 3 all the time is beyond me, just playing, your amazing sometimes. what were the other places. like george, matrix, erik, yipes, eddy lee, etc.

why you guys call rashaan the young paris marriot…you crazy niggas you